The youth in modern times is vulnerable to myriads of expectations. They are frequently stressed to be at the top of their games in academics, professional life, and everything in between. With this, youth has been suffering from a significant lack of confidence when it comes to acquiring jobs. Specifically, when the recent occupation markets are genuinely competitive, landing your dream job is equal to impossible. Therefore, it is essential for youth to train themselves and gain the apt skills necessary to impress the employer, there and then.

Realizing the need to empower the youth of today, the American Entrepreneur Mark Sallada came up with the idea of ‘You Start U.’ The platform serves as the ‘kick start’ for the youth of the modern realm, paving their way to make a breakthrough in career. “I have a firm belief that until you do not take the initiative to be successful, success will never take the initiative to discover you. This is precisely my motivation behind the inception of ‘You Start U,’ after all, it is you, yourself who is going to begin your own success,” shares Sallada. Mark Sallada is the Founder of the 911 Rapid Response.

Sallada further elucidates that the modern recruitment, interviewing, and hiring techniques had come a long way compared to 2000 when he underwent his interview. “In the modern realm, employers expect highly from their applicants; this is light of the fact that consumers demand highly from the employers. Therefore, employers have a keen to headhunt individuals that can exceed the customers’ demands and bring a range of aptitudes to the table,” he says.

The present youth are immensely challenged on the route to discover a career that fits them. In fact, interview procedures are now the basic to make it through the initial screening phase, even to gain admission to a top college.

“Interviews have become a traditional piece of the testing procedure to test your skills and abilities. Even if you are trying to get admission to an Ivy league college, you need to impress the interviewer. And, even if you get a degree from a top-notch college, it does not guarantee that you will be handed a job right after getting graduated. Then again, the tireless process of giving interviews begin once again,” says Mark Sallada. “This is precisely where I provide an opportunity to the youth to connect with me. I proffer them with a good feel of an interview as a rehearsal before their final performance. With this program, we then provide professional critique, enabling them to improve enhancing their chances of getting employed,” he adds.

Sallada explains that he realized the dilemma of modern youth as the fact that he never had to face these issues. “It was one fine day I realized that it just so hard to strive in the modern world, and youth becoming VICTIM to mental health issues is explainable. That served as my AHA moment, pushing me to create ‘You Start U’ with a purpose to give back, making our youth strive, that what is the meaning of my name Sallada is all about,” he says.

You Start U is laser-focused on empowering the modern world’s youth with requires skills and abilities. Yet, the program does not ignore those who are zealous with an entrepreneurial soul, and bring forth the range of seminars for them based on different topics, including Building Customers” “Product Choices,” “How To Set Up,” “Policy’s” “Dealing With Employees.”

Specifically designed for the youth aged between 14 to 21, ‘You Start U’ costs nothing at all. The 30 minutes long business tour and sit-down interview are explicitly designed to give you a definite feel of the interview. Additionally, currently, employed individuals can too gain an edge from the program to step up their professional game. “I am not at all a professional with a degree, nor were these things necessitated in my time. Yet, based on expertise on interviewing dozens of candidates, hiring many employees, and unfortunately firing a few too, I desire to pass on my insights to help the modern youth make their spot in the fiercely competitive talent pool,” concludes Sallada.