Accounting is the core business activity. To perform it adequately, having competent accounting software is essential to run your business efficiently. Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and Zoho books in Australia are some of the top accounting software. But, with so many accounting software, choosing the right software is challenging. In this review guide, let us demonstrate the difference between Zoho Books and Freshbooks. It will help you choose the best software for your organisation.  

What is Zoho Books? 

Zoho books are online accounting software that helps organisations manage their finances, manage customers and invoices, and track expenses. In addition, it helps to keep your GST ready and collaborate with your accountant in real-time. The best part about it, it does not require any prior accounting knowledge & can be easily set up.  

What is Freshbooks? 

Freshbooks is cloud-based accounting software easily accessed via IoS, android, and Ipad apps. It offers a well-rounded, intuitive, and attractive double-entry system. Also, it helps in regular accounting activities, expense tracking,  payment acceptance, financial reporting and billable time tracking. 

Zoho Vs Freshbooks Accounting: Which One is Better? 

  • User friendly 

Zoho books accounting software offers various features that all its clients take a little longer to understand. However, the best part is its gamification method for new users to understand its features quickly. On the other hand, Freshbooks is relatively user-friendly because it helps you understand the process of setting up its features. 

  • Price 

Freshbooks is less expensive than Zoho books however, there is always some offer running on the Zoho site bringing down your cost for the initial few months. Another difference is that Zoho has a free tier, whereas Freshbooks offers free 30-days trial. 

  • Features 

Zoho and Freshbooks offer a wide range of features. However, a few features are subject to which subscription plan you opt for. Learn here more about Freshbooks and Zoho books services in Australia. 

Which one is better? 

After analyzing both the platform, we found: 

  • Freshbooks is more user-friendly than Zoho books.  
  • Zoho offers more features whereas, Freshbooks offers competitive pricing benefits. 
  • Zoho’s pricing is based on its features, whereas Freshbooks bills are based on active clients. 
  • Zoho has a wide range of customisation, whereas Freshbooks offers less opportunity for customisation. 

 Both platforms offer a variety of features and have their strength. Also, both serve an array of benefits to the organisation. And, choosing the right software is wholly dependent upon your industry, business size, and services requirements. Also, we would suggest you consult with the accounting expertise to analyse your business and choose the appropriate software for your business.  


Selecting the right accounting software is crucial to perform accounting functions effectively. If you are running small & medium-level enterprises in Australia and need assistance in choosing the right software for your business, you can reach out to management accounting services providers in Australia who can help you choose the right software as per your business requirement.