There is no doubt that Zoom has been one of the most successful video conferencing platforms in the world. Its growth has been impressive ever since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic with a huge boost in usage by individuals for various purposes, corporate companies, and other institutions.

Recently, Zoom has come out with several new features like sharing reactions through emojis, a vanishing pen tool for automatic removal of annotations, integration with the Portal TV of Facebook, an auto shape optimization option, and easy sharing of mass notifications to Zoom Phone through the usage of the InformaCast software.

Entrepreneurs planning to enter the profitable video conferencing market can partner with a reputed app development company for getting a customized and readily deployable Zoom clone app. It includes smoothly working Android and iOS apps, a user-friendly web panel, and a state-of-the-art admin dashboard.

What are some of the difficulties that members of the Zoom clone app may face?

  • Fatigue – The users can get stressed if they keep on attending video calls without taking any breaks. This makes them lose their patience while communicating with other people. 
  • Inconsistency in bandwidth – Employees of companies living in remote locations and rural areas can face issues related to Internet connectivity sometimes. This affects the interaction with their team especially when they are collaborating on important projects. This can be solved if the users have access to the latest version of the Zoom clone script and are registered on a speedy mobile data plan.
  • Security loopholes – If the users do not implement multi-layer security measures in the video conferencing app like Zoom, hackers and phishers may misuse their account. This will lead to the compromise of their valuable information. This issue can be prevented by taking steps like end-to-end data encryption, firewall protection, multi-factor authentication, and using a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Low productivity of employees – The employees can get distracted if they work from home due to internal and external disturbances. This affects their overall efficiency and they may fail to complete the required tasks on time. 
  • Zoom Bombing – The users must avoid sharing credentials of the Zoom video meeting on public platforms (instant messaging apps, online forums, and social media networks). This will prevent the entry of unauthorized people from posting abusive, racist, and violent content on the Zoom clone app.

Some useful tips to have a great experience while using the video conferencing app like Zoom are

  • Implementing Single-Sign On (SSO) – The admin of the Zoom clone app and the host of the meeting can share a uniform set of credentials for Single Sign-On to prevent misuse by the members. Once the users have entered the details, they need not re-authenticate themselves to perform different tasks.
  • Enable Password protection – A safe and trustworthy experience is assured on the Zoom clone script if the host of the video meeting places a password to safeguard the meeting.
  • Use the Waiting room – World-class communication is ensured on the video conferencing app like Zoom when the host of the meeting utilizes the Waiting room option. They can verify the background and identity of each user before approving them to join the video meeting on the platform. 
  • Mute facility – The attendees of a video conference or a session on the Zoom clone app can hear what is being spoken clearly by using the muting mechanism. This eliminates all the background noise as the users will turn off the mics on their devices.

Final Thoughts

Despite the above-mentioned challenges, the plethora of benefits offered by the White-label Zoom clone script overcomes the risks. It is a fully flexible and highly scalable solution and the entrepreneurs can successfully achieve all their business objectives.