If you have decided to participate in cryptoassets, we would like you to become aware about this growing cryptoasset –PlatinX. PlatinX is one of the fastest growing cryptoasset in 2022. Obviously people have lots of questions regarding this cryptoasset. To answer all that here are 10 things you should know about PlatinX

  1. History behind PlatinX

PlatinX was launched to leverage the advantage of global economic changes to the holders of PlatinX crypto. The retail savers were missing out the benefits of IPOs etc., so to give equal opportunity to every person PlatinX was born. PlatinX is a decentralized digital asset that uses peer-to-peer technology to enable instant transactions. These tokens can be swapped, exchanged or traded or securely stored in digital wallets.

  1. All you need to know about PlatinX

PlatinX gives you the best of the innovation and technological advancements. PTX tokens are revolutionizing the industry with their user friendly adoptions and high scalability. PlatinX is non-fungible but transferable asset with the history of spectacular performance at the exchanges. Nobody owns or controls PTX as it is public and designed as open-source. Everyone can be a part of the growing PTX family.

  1. How to get PlatinX

PTX can be purchased from different exchanges directly such as VinDAX or BuyUCoin. Sign up for a free account on the exchanges and you are ready to trade PTX. These exchanges give you reasonable secure place to convert your local currency into cryptoasset. Different exchanges have different guidelines and requirements for opening an account.

  1. How to store PlatinX

One question that often arises is the security of the cryptoassets after the buy-in. Although exchanges often provide storing facilities, however if you want the safest way to store your PTX, we have three types of wallets.  These are the latest and the safest wallets used by enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Trust Wallet
  • MetaMask
  • Binance Wallet
  1. Why is the supply limited to Five Hundred Ten Million?

This number refers to the maximum number of tokens that can come in circulation. One of the reasons is that limited supply would lead to increase demand. Thereby, pushing up the market value of PlatinX. This makes the asset deflationary in nature and therefore more trustworthy.

  1. How can I benefit from PlatinX?

If you are new to crypto market, you can simply get PTX from the exchange and store it in your wallet for long-term. This is the guaranteed way to earn huge rewards by capitalizing on cryptoassets. However there are lot of other ways where you can benefit from PTX. You can trade, swap or exchange PTX for other assets. You can also use it to collect Celebrity NFTs. One can also directly hire celebrities for events without involvement of third party thereby saving money.

  1. Can I lose my PTX if I lost my phone

Today the software security has evolved and reached another level. If you operate through the above mentioned wallets there is no risk of getting your information leaked or lost. There are also safeguards if in case you lose your phone. You can operate your wallet through a different phone by filling out the required details.

  1. Do I have to pay tax on my earnings

Different countries have different tax regulations. According to the country where you live, you have to pay taxes on digital earnings as per that country law. While some of the countries, tax digital assets earnings while others still have to bring it under the tax umbrella.

  1. What is a White Paper?

Every cryptoasset has one white paper which entails all the details. It is easy to find in the company’s website. Our White paper will tell you the details of the project, how we are going to proceed and our future goals too. White paper also consist salient details such as Tokenomics.

  1. The Right Time!

You have done your research and made mind about getting some cryptoassets. The next most crucial step is to time your entry. The digital assets market move quickly and shows high volatility too. Getting a new cryptoasset before it becomes popular and hot among stake-holders is the key. Monitor the industry and then time your move into the crypto market. When the buying phase is “IN” always wait for the frenzy to get over.

These are the 10 things you should know about PlatinX. We have covered all of the queries however if you have more questions or want to know more about PlatinX, please visit the site – www.platinx.io