Summer is many people’s favorite season because they finally get to go outside and hang out in the sun. However, summer can also be a huge letdown if you don’t plan well. While there are some activities you can do that don’t require any planning, you may want to start planninfg your summer weekends or vacations now, so there’s not a day that you’re bored. Instead of wasting your summer sitting at home this year, try these fun ideas instead.

Go to a Dog Park 

Believe it or not, you don’t have to have a dog to go to a dog park, but it’s better if you do. Whether you have a furry friend to take with you or not, going to a dog park allows you to meet many new people (and dogs). Not only do you get the benefits of being outside in the fresh air, but you can also watch some cute puppies play around and get to know each other. There’s absolutely no way you’ll get bored at a dog park.

Hang a Hammock

Whether you have a place for a hammock on your property or not, taking a hammock outside is a great way to get fresh air and relax in the sun without exerting too much energy after a long day of work. You can do just about anything in a hammock that you would while sitting on your couch inside, including reading, streaming your favorite shows on a tablet, or scrolling through your social media feed. 

Start Exercising

Very few people consider exercising fun at the moment, but getting your heart pumping is a great way to boost your mood while keeping you healthy. Not only can exercise help you lose weight, but it can make you feel better about just about anything. Exercise is also good for your hair and skin, so you can ensure you absolutely glow this year. Of course, always make sure you’re wearing the right running footwear when you go for a run outside to help prevent injury and sustain your exercise for longer. Consider exploring the world of electric bikes, where you can have a blast while staying active and healthy. 

Go Golfing

Whether you need to practice your golf swing for a local tournament or you’re just looking for a relaxing outdoor activity you can do with some friends, consider playing golf. Anyone can easily fall in love with golf because it’s fine and doesn’t require too much time or energy. Instead, you can hang out with a few friends on a golf course and swing the day away, whether you’re experienced or not. 

Go to Local Activities

Most cities and towns offer local activities that are free for anyone. You can usually find a list of these activities in your town’s newspaper or check their website to find things like farmer’s marks and art fairs where you can spend your money on delicious food and quality, one-of-a-kind art. 

Wash Your Car

Believe it or not, some chores can be fun. During the winter, you probably let a lot of salt build up on your car, which can cause rust and a host of other problems. This summer, you can wash your car yourself to save a few bucks at the local car wash. All you need is some car soap, a soft sponge, and a hose. You’ll be amazed to see all the dirt that comes off the roof of your car. 


There will be some days you don’t feel like spending any time outside this winter because they’ll be too hot. On those days, you can always spend time indoors by shopping at your favorite local shops. Whether you have tons of money to spend or nothing at all, spending time looking at clothes and gifts for friends and family can kill a few hours on a super hot or rainy day. 

Join Classes

Check out your community center’s class list to find out if there’s anything new you can learn this summer. Of course, you usually have to pay for summer classes at the community center, but they’re designed to be affordable for just about anyone. Most community centers offer classes for yoga or exercise, art, and even cooking and baking. While you may not be in school anymore, it’s always good to keep learning new skills and hobbies that can improve your life. 

Start a Garden

Gardens are a great way to get in touch with nature, and you don’t need a ton of space to start your own garden. If you live in an apartment, you can still have a garden of your own complete with flowers or herbs. However, if you have your own yard, you can make your garden as large as you want and start growing your own vegetables so you’ll have something delicious and healthy to snack on all summer long. 

Not to mention, if you have a furry friend, you may want to make your garden pet friendly. There are many plants that are pet friendly, along with backyard designs that are optimal for you and your pet. Whether it’s a pathway leading your dog to the grass, or plenty of water features for them to run through, your backyard garden can be whatever you want it to be.

Binge a TV Show

You can’t spend all your time outside this summer, but you can find something to do that keeps your attention inside. Everyone loves finding a show to binge so they’re never bored. With so many options available on your favorite streaming apps, you can find something to watch every day of the week, or you can take the process of choosing out of the equation and find a show to binge on days you don’t feel like going outside. 


Summer is the season of tie-dye, but instead of going to a store and purchasing a shirt, you can make your own tie-dye shirt at home with a cheap tie-dye kit found at your local arts and crafts store. You can tie-dye just about anything, including shirts, hats, pants, shorts, blankets, and more for yourself and your family and friends. 

Go on Vacation

You’ve been working hard all year with no time off, so use summer as the perfect excuse to go on a vacation. What many people love about vacationing in the summer is that they can go just about anywhere without having to worry about snowfall or cold weather. Don’t want to spend too much on vacation? That’s okay, too. Instead, you can plan your very own staycation and list out activities to do in your hometown.