When it comes to setting the mood in a space, lighting is of the utmost importance. Sunshine and moonlight may be the best sources for light in outdoor areas, but it certainly helps to have some backup. With that in mind, we’re highlighting 15 lighting ideas and tips so you can clearly see what time of day or year it is in your outdoor oasis.

So, get closer to your family in the fresh air outside with delicious food and lots of chat. You will need good lighting for the courtyard to be successful in this plane at night. Keep reading to learn about the best ways to create a comfortable, stylish, safe, and well-lit backyard, porch, balconies, and beyond.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for Enjoying Your Outdoor Space After Dark

  1. Recessed Lights

If you want barely-there overhead lighting in a porch or backyard, opt for recessed can lights built into the ceiling. In this space designed by Emily Henderson, white-tinted lightning blends exactly so that you notice the light they shine through…without seeing them.

Recessed Lights

  1. Downlights

Exterior lighting, especially on stairs, also provides safety value. Choose built-in downlights that will brighten the path but also complement the style of the facade. You can take, help Modern Interior Designers in Kolkata so they can guide you through this process.


  1. Pendant Lights

This balcony in a home designed by interior designer feels like an organic extension of the interior. A bold, metallic pendant light is a great way to jazz up your exteriors. But this is not your living room. So, to put it in the right context, use nature-inspired materials to bury wood or rattan and add a botanical-print throw.

Pendant Lights

  1. Hurricane Candles

Alfresco dining is great but cooking outside is even better. In a key west house, outdoor types of kitchen cabinets are made from vintage cypress shutters and tropical florals bring a bright pop of playful colours. And the storm candles scattered around the area provide a very soft light.

Hurricane Candles

  1. Floodlights

Because the slate roof means you can’t install recessed lighting, Heather Hilliard opted for minimalist floodlights that secure to the structure’s frame and fill the entire dining area with light. Although a bit overly noticeable, the black minimalist design harmonizes well with the space.

They’re also a great security option for front doors and driveways, especially if you set them up with sensors to automatically light up when motion is detected.


  1. LED Strip in Stairs

If it is looking boring and empty, then try these staircase decoration ideas. For exterior stairs you can use LED strip lighting to fix them as seen in the picture. You have another advantage; it can be cut and customized to fit almost anywhere.

LED Strip in Stairs

  1. Front Door Lighting

Lighting up the front door gives a welcome first impression. Don’t let your guests stand in the dark while waiting for you to arrive at the door—a bright light can show off your new container garden, pots and planters.

Front Door Lighting

  1. Garden Lights

Light your gardens so you can enjoy their beauty even after a long workday (or grow a moon garden that still shimmers after the sun goes down).

Set up some patio chairs in the garden and spend a quiet evening under the stars admiring their beautiful blooms.

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Garden Lights

  1. String Lights

Designer Jill Sharp Weeks used string lights to make her garden feel like an extension of her home. The space also includes an outdoor privy, the only bathroom on the ground floor.

String Lights

  1. Floor Lamps

To make a backyard seating area feel like an outdoor living room, opt for traditional indoor lighting, such as a floor lamp, but in a more flexible and nature-inspired material—just make sure your outdoor area is electric to one. is well equipped.

Floor Lamps

  1. Pool Lights

This minimalist and modern backyard area is full of lighting ideas. Pool lights are a game-changer for swimming at night, and if you look to the far left, you’ll see the garage skylight that lets you peek into the cars below and allow for shared lighting.

Pool Lights

  1. Underglow

It doesn’t get any better than this backyard designed by Night Palm Studio. The mood is undeniably sultry, from the curved shape and soft swirls of marble and white to the wave-like daybed, while the edgy concrete foundations, and LED lighting built into the benches.


  1. Sconces

If your backyard seating area doesn’t have a ceiling or overhead structure, make sure you have a bright sconce attached to your home. Interior designer Jen Feldman opted for a large, lantern-style sconce here.


  1. Ceiling Fam Lights

This front porch designed by Epoxy Decors is a tropical dream. It inspires us to pick our favourite colour and go with it. Plus, installing a ceiling fan (or several depending on size) will keep air circulating on those balmy nights—choose one that doubles as a light for bonus points.

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Ceiling Fam Lights

  1. Candle Lanterns

Thin trees shade the wall of a 1960s home. Elizabeth Kennedy and Ray Booth brought out the interior’s sleek style by adding a row of chairs and lanterns each season.

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Candle Lanterns

These are my favourite lighting ideas for garden and home outdoors. Tell yours in the comment section.