There is evolution every year throughout the year. Hence, are you curious about the best tourist attractions in Havana for the year 2023? Then you are at the right place. Here, you can seek a one-stop clarification of your doubt. But make sure that you read the post thoroughly, then only you would be completely satisfied while including any site to your Havana itinerary.

Furthermore it will become easier for you in configuring the itinerary before getting a flight to Havana via Delta Airlines Telefono Español. And this is how your weekend could be worthwhile even in your life.

Places to Include in the Havana Itinerary

A trip to Havana is incomplete without an enriched history steeped in the Spanish colonial style. Hence, you would experience that Havana has been gesturing the portrait of revolutionary heroes, spanish conquistadors, and the glitterati and literati who once basked on these sun-soaked seashores.

While trekking the place, make sure that you will discover cobbled streets of Old Havana, legendary restaurants, historic forts, the beautiful Cuban Baroque buildings, museums, and lively public squares.

Havana is mainly dedicated to strolling rather than Simply spending the weekends in Havana. At the moment, we might be sounding crazy, but it’s 100% you definitely will experience the most cherishable weekend ever once you spot.

On your spotting to Havana, all the charms across the city seem all on your step. And welcome your way along with plentiful cultural attractions and exhilarating adventures to enjoy. There are many more to cherish as explained before. Below is the list of best places, you can consider to prepare an itinerary to explore before booking the flights to Havana.

Old Havana

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site that exudes charm through all the days that have passed away. Cultivated neoclassical and Elaborate constructions frame the cobbled courtyards and narrow streets, and more than half of them have been carefully habilitated to their former magnificence.

Are you concerned about what to explore for the 2023 trip to Havana? No worries! You just need to start walking down from the popular public squares. The Plaza Vieja and Plaza de Armas are the most spectacular attractions you can enjoy while walking down to the public square.

Another astonishing thing to glimpse through this place is Palacio de Los Capitanes, located at the latter. Furthermore, this attraction is dedicated to the City Museum-home the Museo de la Ciudad. The Catedral de San Cristobal, Cuban Baroque-style celebration, Castillo de la Real Fuerza, and military fortress are the next level of excursion of Old Havana

The Malecón 

Malecón is popular as a meeting point. All kinds of travelers come here to enjoy the seafront scenic beauty. Furthermore, it is the Anglers’ chosen place to meet the locals. Also, the place is popular for boasting ocean breezes and fresh air.

Strolling during sunset in the Malecón (El Malecon) is a most cherished way to soak up the experience of this expressive city and see some sights along the way. You can never avoid admiring the colorful view overlaying the boulevard because it has been well-preserved since the 20th century. Furthermore, the reason behind this multicolored overview is a great fusion of architectural tones, from Art Decoration to Neo Moorish. So it would be a great opportunity for you to click some epic pictures along with the sun’s golden glow while you are walking at The Malecón.

Those who like rest can stop by the prolonged Hotel Nacional de Cuba, a National Monument and a World Heritage Site with a long checklist of glamorous former visitors, such as Marlene Dietrich, Frank Sinatra, and Marlon Brando.

Best Hotels in Havana 

Below are the following best stay-inns you can choose to stay in Havana until your weekend trip is over.

All-inclusive Hotels

  • Hotel Nacional de Cuba
  • Iberostar Parque Central
  • Hotel Saratoga

Mid-Range Hotels

  • Hotel Telegrafo
  • Hotel Raquel
  • Hotel Terral

Budget-Friendly Hotels

  • Hotel Inglaterra
  • Hotel Los Frailes

Adventures to Enjoy in Havana 

Below are the following outdoor activities, you can enjoy across the best places in Havana.

  • Listen to some Cuban beats
  • Ride around in a 1950’s vintage car
  • Drink Cocktails in Havana
  • Take a Ride in a Classic Cuban Car
  • Join a free walking tour of Old Havana

Best Time to Visit

Are you looking for the best time to explore the attraction across the city so you can talk to the experts via Avianca Teléfono for the flight to Havana accordingly? Furthermore, you would enjoy the trip to Havana without any interruption. Then you should plan your trip anytime from January to February.