Undoubtedly, Astro has one of the best discographies in the K-pop industry. Since 2016, they’ve grown in both their music and appearance. They started with a soft boy concept as a sextet, but today they’re an adaptive and established group who are more celebrated than ever.

In the kpop industry, Astro is one of the versatile groups. Today fans all passionately wear Astro kpop merchandise all over the world. The different range of songs makes you instantly emotional and contains signature refreshing touches that never dishearten you. The inspiring and comforting lyrics are also a plus point of their songs. 

Even if you don’t understand their lyrics, listening to how ASTRO group members: Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin, MJ, Yoon San-ha, Jinjin, and Rocky sing them sincerely and beautifully is sufficient to make our hearts warm and touchy. Here we will discuss the four ASTRO best songs that make your brighten your mood.

  • Always You

“Always You” hit hard like any other song Kpop released yet. Through its heartfelt lyrics, this song will take all sorts of emotions. The music expresses the uncertain feeling of a relationship that will break. The song’s release brought out Astro’s original and creative side. The intricate choreography that goes with this song releases the member’s synchronization. The melodic and delightful vocals of Eunwoo, Sanha, and MJs make this song stand out. 

This song becomes ideal for our emotional nights because of Rocky’s lovely singing abilities. A great song you can add to your list if you want to feel real emotions.

  • Love Wheel

“Love Wheel” is a deserving song that requires high recognition because this song can drown you in nostalgia. This song contains a dreamy melody that allows you to keep a positive mindset.

The song’s message makes you endlessly fall in love with someone—the song some lyrics will make you get through some darker moments. The music makes you think about how ASTRO could chant such sweet words that make you feel they have someone special in their hearts.

Additionally, the songs have a mixture of the appeal of the pop genre and the poem. Even though the theme does not have any music video, its stunning vocals are sufficient to value the song’s brilliance.

  • Crazy Sexy Cool

What better you can add to your Kpop playlist than this gifted group’s breakthrough song, “Crazy Sexy Cool”? The song is a lead deeply influenced by the pop genre with a touch of retro vibe and Rhythm and Blues (R&B).

It is the song that shows that group’s evolution to complete adulthood. The track of the music shows ASTRO’s ability to achieve any idea that is concerned about childhood and ageing.

The song has an appealing chorus disguised as an open love letter. The song has a rhythm that makes you calm and relaxed and goes well with the spring season. The song has a great spin because of Jinjin’s and Rocky’s rap verses. With its tremendously beautiful lyrics, this is the song that you will never tire of listening to every day.


Apart from these songs, other prominent songs of ASTRO make them the most versatile Kpop group.

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