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Moving On In A New World

Whatever way we look at it, technology is changing the world and the way we live.

Gone are the days when we used to feel slightly dependent on technology. Today, technology is not just a tool for us, but it rather has become a part of our lives.

Here are three ways in which technology is truly influencing our lives.

Social Media:

Social media has completely changed the way we relate to the world around us. From Facebook to TikTok, numerous platforms have become the face of our social lives. From the way we share our feelings to the way we stay in touch with people close to us, social media has become omnipresent in our lives.

So much so, we even post our experiences from meetings, shopping expeditions, and fireworks displays on social media!

It is nearly impossible to imagine life without social media these days. We are constantly updating our platforms about ourselves and looking for ways to stay in touch with faraway friends and family members. It’s easier than ever before to share pictures of your family or friends on Instagram or Snapchat, wherever you are at any given moment.

3D Printing

3D printing is an exciting new technology that allows users to essentially create their customized products.

The process involves 3-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD), which allows users to manipulate the design of a product while altering the CAD file. This makes it possible for manufacturers to create items of great complexity and detail, as well as allowing them to manufacture in three dimensions.

These 3D printed items can be used by anyone, with no need for any special training or experience and the technology is being found everywhere, from 3D printing medical prosthetics to 3D printing within the world of motorsports!

The advantages are limitless: using 3D printing, companies can invent new and innovative designs for various products, such as car parts, toys, and home appliances.

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of getting computers to behave like humans. AI is basically about thinking and behavior, but not like us.

Most AI systems are based on what are called neural networks: software or algorithms that try to mimic the way our brains work. These systems “learn” and improve by analyzing vast amounts of data from humans, which is then fed into the neural network and processed. The system reacts to new events and then uses its vast knowledge to make predictions or decisions.

The AI systems can be trained in order to get the desired outcome or behavior, like when a robot learns how to salute an officer.

Applications of AI are virtually limitless. Google’s DeepMind is using AI to design self-driving cars, while IBM is using it to diagnose tumors.