Moving heavy stuff up the stairs is an uphill battle. You need to do many things simultaneously when hauling heavy objects, like watching your steps and keeping walls protected from scratches. And let’s not forget the pain in the back after doing everything alone. So, what should you do to make heavy lifting simpler on stairs? Invest in a stair climber dolly that comes in handy in taking heavy items, from groceries to laundry, up the stairs. Below we have mentioned more things you can consider to make your task painless and stress-free. 

Ask another person to give you a hand

Moving heavy objects is not a piece of cake, let alone taking them upstairs on your own. Rather than taking your chances and risking an injury, ask someone in your family to help you with the task. When another person is around to help you, you accomplish your task efficiently. They can help take some weight off your arms and support you if you lose your balance. We suggest asking someone strong who can lift heavy objects to move your stuff without difficulty. 

Use straps and ropes

You have heavy stuff to move upstairs, perhaps a bundle of books, but no one to give you a helping hand. Then, what should you do? Use carrying straps and ropes. They distribute the weight of an object evenly, ensuring a person can haul items with ease. While the trick works, it often causes body aches and back pain due to heavy lifting. A stair climber dolly is a brilliant alternative as it carries the weight for you and climbs the stairs as you pull it up without hassle. 

Remove obstacles 

Before you begin the task of taking objects up the stairs, clear the way so you don’t trip and fall off. Heavy objects obstruct your vision, making it challenging to see what’s in front of you. No matter how well you are aware of your surroundings, removing obstacles, toys, shoes, cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, and more from the walkways and floors is wise. If you live with pets or little children, ensure they are not running or playing around you. 

Take your time when moving stuff upstairs

When you have something challenging to do, like moving heavy objects upstairs, you often try to accomplish it as soon as possible. But it’s not the best to race when climbing the stairs with heavy items. Watch your steps, and take your time. It ensures you don’t drop your stuff or hurt yourself. The more careful you are, the easier it will be for you to move items. An alternative is to use a stair climber dolly that takes heavy objects up efficiently. All you need to do is put your heavy items in the trolley and pull the cart up. The six wheels of the dolly travel and carry your stuff up and down the stairs without effort. 

Don’t wait for more; invest in a stair climber dolly now!

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