A child starts learning naturally through senses right after birth and continues life’s journey by accumulating various experiences. But the first few years of life are the most crucial and formative in determining how a child will grow with a personality. A preschool for kids creates an environment for a child to engage and interact with things around. It teaches the core values to grow children as responsible citizens.

Your child gets prepared for life early, learning creativity and building social and emotional skills in a fun way. Such schools are equipped with modern teaching methods such as Montessori global standards. Most of these schools run varied activities that help kids learn.

So, are you a parent looking for a playschool that cares for your child’s development and helps hone skills? There are plenty of them in the national capital and surrounding regions. But not all of them are equally great in terms of their services and teaching standards. However, we can help!

Here are the top preschools for your kids in Delhi NCR.  

1. Makoons

Rated among the most sought-after preschools in Delhi NCR, Makoons holds over 10 years of experience in meeting a child’s educational needs with global teaching standards. The school boasts a research-based unique curriculum to develop intelligence in children using varied activities including arts, music, technology, science, literacy, and numeracy.

Besides engaging children through activities in a fun and interactive way, it ensures that they grow as responsible and confident citizens. Parents have access to CCTV to let them see their child’s activities live in the school. A key feature here is the food prepared for children. It has developed a specially designed 8 unique food menus that meet the vital nutritional needs of growing children. Also, since children love to be outdoors, the preschool organizes field trips to help them soak in nature and its wonders.

2. Step By Step, Panchsheel

Step by Step Nursery School is on everyone’s list of the best preschools in Delhi for its high teaching standards and activities for children. The activities here are designed to fire up a child’s imagination. Here, the emphasis is on building interest in a child for learning skills.

So, kids get involved in an entire gamut of activities to engage children meaningfully. These activities include yoga, storytelling, art & craft, dancing, role-play, pottery, and cooking. A child is exposed to tactical, cognitive, logical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal learnings. This is also one of its kind which accepts children with special needs.

3. Learning Matters

Learning Matters is another preschool you can rely on to teach children with collaborative and interactive methods. Established in 2005, this kids’ learning place is known for making learning fun for children. The School Success Program takes care of children with academic intervention activities even after school.

The school supports building life skills in children with the help of experienced and highly qualified teachers who involve research-based methods and conduct workshops to engage kids aged between 16 months to 5 years.

  1. The Ardee School

One of the best preschools in Delhi NCR, The Ardee School, follows its philosophy of learning by doing. Here, the principal and staff adopt varied teaching methods based on scientific understanding so that children learn to face new challenges. Teachers guide them while meeting the obstacles in a challenge and ignite curiosity for more.

Your kid will get Montessori education that emphasizes building the core values of respect, diversity, and harmony. Children are taught to respect our community’s diversity. An ideal teacher-student ratio of 2:20 is an added attraction.

5. The Magic Years

A key feature of The Magic Years is that this preschool has more than 200 children enrolled from 15 nations. So, your child at this school gets exposure to global fraternity early in life, which helps build a broader mindset and personality. With the Montessori teaching methods, a child can recognize and build inner natural strengths here.

Another plus point of the playschool for kids is its exceptional teacher-student ratio of 1:4, ensuring maximum attention to a child. With high standards of infrastructural support, The Magic Years is undoubtedly one of the best choices for children’s physical, mental, and psychological powers.


A preschool is an ideal place for children where they prepare for life by getting exposure to the environment and skills. Such a school engages children with fun activities to teach them music, math, science, technology, and many other things. Through outdoor tours and interaction activities, they also start developing physical, mental, and emotional skills.