Looking to add a chiropractic laser for pain treatment?

If you are a chiropractor and thinking of adding Class IV laser therapy to your practice, there are a few questions you should ask before you make a purchase. You should be purchasing more than a laser for pain – but a total solution for your practice. Here are 5 questions you should ask your sales representative before you buy:

1 Implementation:

Your new chiropractic laser must be thoroughly understood. Many companies say they provide implementation solutions for your practice but take the time to dig deeper to understand the details of the support materials they provide. Does the implementation program help educate the staff and clients alike? What components are really included in the program? Some companies offer comprehensive marketing toolkits that include both staff and patient education tools. The more comprehensive toolkits should include client education videos, presentations, ads, banners, training videos, promotional materials for the office, website resources and marketing tips.

2 Downtime:

When adding any type of capital equipment to your practice there is always the possibility that the chiropractic laser will require repair or maintenance. Ask your sales representative what happens if your chiropractic laser therapy equipment experiences a failure. Will they send you a loaner unit? How long will it take to repair your unit? The answer you should get is that the company will deliver a loaner system to you overnight to ensure you don’t go a day without your therapy laser.

3 On-Going Chiropractic Laser Therapy Education:

Ask about what kind of educational opportunities are available after you purchase your laser therapy equipment. Some companies offer on-going seminars, webinars, users’ conferences, and special CE events. Also ask if the company you plan to work with is engaged in scientific studies – is the company continuing to educate itself too? The strong companies are constantly striving to learn and teach.

4 Clinical Support:

If a patient comes in and you are not sure how to approach their condition is there someone at the laser therapy company you can talk to? Clinical support is a must-have. Ask about who the clinical experts are on staff that will answer your questions – what are their credentials?

5 Customer Care:

Is there a dedicated customer care department? How long does it take for them to get back to you? When you are having a problem the last thing you want to do is wait. Go with a company who prides itself on outstanding customer care after the sale.

Class IV laser therapy can have a real impact on your patients and your practice. Be sure you are selecting a company who will be your laser therapy partner for the long-term.


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