After the pandemic, many people are appreciating that they could boost their immune systems fast. Our first line of defense against bacteria and viruses is our immune system. So, strengthening your immunity system is key to defending your body against infection.

Although the human body is complex, what it needs to function most favorably is rather basic. Some of the ways to boost your immunity are eating wholesome foods, avoiding processed foods, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and managing stress.

However, because of industrialization and following want of nutrients in the soil over and above poor diet choices, many people suffer from vitamin deficiencies. Research has revealed that certain vitamin supplements can help boost your immunity system.

Top 5 Immune Boosting Vitamin Supplements

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin, has a broad range of benefits. One of its chief functions is maintaining a healthy immune system. Our bodies cannot generate vitamin C on their own, so it is essential to get it through diet or supplements.

As it is an antioxidant, vitamin C combats illness and disease and helps develop and repair tissue. It is also vital for healing wounds and preserving healthy bones, teeth, and skin. It is required in several essential functions of the body, so it is no wonder that it also accomplishes a crucial task in immune health.

2. Vitamin D

Our bodies create vitamin D naturally when we benefit from the sunshine. But for people dwelling in less sunny countries, a simpler way to gain an adequate amount of this beneficial vitamin is vitamin D supplements. 

Vitamin D is essential for growth and development, endurance to illness, and, most significantly, for helping the immune system work the way it should.

Vitamin D is truly crucial for immune health. If you fail to obtain adequate sunshine, it is imperative to sustain your vitamin D levels through diet or supplements.

3. Vitamin E

Recent research has discovered more about the advantages of this fat-soluble nutrient. Being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin D is vital for maintaining the immune system strong and healthy.

Together with boosting the immune system, vitamin E retains skin and eyes healthy and also possesses potent antioxidant qualities. As an antioxidant, vitamin E combats free radicals that cause illness and premature aging.

4. Zinc

Zinc corrects eyesight, helps the body deal with nutrients, and helps wounds cure faster, but one of its main benefits is reinforcing and boosting the immune system.

Our bodies do not naturally make zinc, which implies that it must be obtained through diet or supplements. And once attained, zinc is the best friend to your immune system.

5. Vitamin B6

As one of the 8 B vitamins, vitamin B6 is indispensable for cell metabolism and the sustained work of your red blood cells. And it also helps your body keep a healthy immune system.

In older adults with poor immune responses, vitamin B6 levels are low, and it is no astonishment that vitamin B6 supports over 100 enzymes in the body to make essential functions. Research indicates that supplementation of vitamin B6 can reinforce the immune system.

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