Did you know that electrical equipment is a leading cause of accidental house fires in New Zealand? However, there are many ways to prevent domestic fire incidents. These include responsible use of electrical appliances and regular visits from trusted electrical contractors in Auckland or your relevant city.

Aside from scheduling electrical inspections, there are emergencies where you must call your local electrician as soon as possible. This article lists worrying electrical situations that you shouldn’t ignore.

Electrical Emergencies You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you observe these warning signs of electrical damage that needs urgent repair, it’s time to contact a licensed electrician in Auckland before it’s too late.

1. You can hear a buzzing or humming sound.

A loud and constant buzzing or humming sound indicates problems with your electrical wiring. The wire may be overloaded, loose, or improperly grounded. These issues can overheat the wire and start an electrical fire. Regardless of the cause, it is an issue that needs attention as soon as possible.

2. You notice the smell of burning plastic and metal.

If you’re living in an older house and you notice that the room smells of burning plastic, shut the main switch off and call your electrician. A burnt smell may be an indicator of an overloaded circuit. This issue is common in outdated wiring systems attempting to accommodate modern and electrically demanding appliances. Qualified electricians can give you instructions on how to update your system.

3. You see visible sparks coming from your wires.

Short-circuiting can trigger visible sparks in your wiring. An outlet’s hot wire is exposed and touches a neutral or ground wire, causing the outlet to draw too much current. The excessive current heats the wires and melts their sheaths. Sparks can easily start fires, especially during summer when the air is crisp and dry.

4. You notice that your outlets are warm to the touch.

When an outlet is warm to the touch, the wiring inside may be hot and ready to burst at any moment. This issue is a common cause of accidental fires. Don’t plug anything into the outlet; cut the power and call your electrician immediately.

5. You get electric zaps or light flickers when using an appliance.

Have you ever tried to turn an appliance on and suddenly got zapped? How about lights flickering upon plugging equipment in an outlet? The former may be due to broken circuits or faulty wiring. The latter may be a sign of a power overload.

6. Your circuit breakers are constantly tripping and turning off.

Circuit break tripping provides a mechanism that protects your electrical system from harmful overloads. However, if you notice that your circuit breaks more often than necessary, it’s a sign that they can’t handle your electrical demands. Overloaded and excessive flow in your wiring will cause overheating and potentially a fire. Only a licensed electrician can pinpoint the exact issues in your system, so don’t go all DIY on this sensitive repair issue.

You can also rely on electrical contractors to set up custom electrical systems for design-build projects, newly built homes, residential remodels, and other upgrades.

Remember, you can only enjoy these services and other benefits of professional electrical installation and maintenance if you choose the right specialists. Pick your electrical contractor carefully!