You may think glitter makeup is only for eye shadow, but it’s much more than that! It’s not just for special occasions either. You can use loose glitter in several ways:
  • Eyes

Chunky Eye Glitter applied loosely on the eyes is a gorgeous, glamorous effect. However, using glitter can risk falling into your eyes, but you can easily avoid this by using primer.

  • Lips

Another fun option for loose Chunky Glitter Makeup is the lips. Just apply your favorite lip product, lipstick, or gloss, and pat a light dusting of glitter on top. Using loose glitter on the lips is another fun idea. Again, apply your favorite lip product and dust a light dusting of glitter on top.

  • Nails

It’s a fun way to add glitter to your nails — it’s not too obvious or messy. First, apply the glitter after painting your nails, so it has something to stick to. Then, for a fun twist on the French manicure, dust on all nails or use a stencil for a cool pattern.

  • Hair

Applying glitter along your part is a big trend right now. It’s a fun look and easy to do. Grab your favorite glitter and some wax or gel. We like to dust loose glitter on top of the wax or gel after applying it to your hair, but you will have better control if you mix it into the hair product first.

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Chunky Glitter Makeup: What are their benefits?