Do you suffer from constant back pain? Some care can be taken in everyday life to relieve the annoyance and avoid future problems. Check out!

It’s hard to go a day without complaining about back pain, right? Nowadays, men, women and children end up, due to routine, being exposed to a series of situations that are not suitable for the human body.

Jobs that require a lot of time sitting or standing, uncomfortable chairs and shoes and a host of problems that can have future effects. But, reducing the annoyance is not that difficult, see? Keeping an eye on your posture is one of the best ways to end daily pain.

Below, check out some essential care to take care of this sensitive part of our body.

  1. Keep your spine straight

The first, and, perhaps, the most important posture care you must have to end the pain, is to keep the spine straight. Not doing so, especially in the long term, can harm your health and quality of life, causing discomfort in the lumbar and cervical region, as well as increasing the risk of injury.

The ideal is to leave the legs a little apart, without crossing them and with the feet well supported on the floor. The back must be straight, but without losing the normal curvatures of the spine: the natural lordosis must persist and, when viewed from the side, it must have a smooth ā€œSā€ shape. The shoulders should be slightly back, with the arms hanging along the body, or, depending on the activity being performed, the forearms should be supported on the table or desk.

Also try not to lower your head to read or write and, if necessary, lift the screen with the help of a support.

  1. Strengthen the muscles of the region

If you don’t go to a gym or do some type of strength training, it’s time to invest in a nice change in habits. Physiotherapist in Delhi is increasingly convinced that this is the most suitable type of exercise, at any age, to maintain health.

In large part, this is due to the maintenance or increase of lean muscle mass, which is a noble tissue and has a protective function in the human body. Even when we have a strong abdomen and lower back, we are better able to avoid the wrong postures of everyday life and to position ourselves correctly while sitting.

  1. Get ready at bedtime

Even if you don’t suffer much from back pain, it is very likely that, sometimes, you have already woken up with some discomfort in the region or with the famous torticollis. This is because you may have spent hours with improper placement, forcing some structures.

The best way to sleep on your side is with a pillow between your legs. The mattress must also have a good density and don’t forget to buy only products from brands recognized by the best physiotherapist in Delhi. Another option for a change is to sleep on your back, with a pillow positioned below your knees.

  1. Avoid heavy bags and backpacks

It’s not news to anyone that excess load is one of the great enemies of a healthy spine, right? Therefore, one of the posture cares that you must have to end the pain is not to carry heavy bags and backpacks.

When you go to work or to your place of study, be sure to take only the essentials among the materials, separating only what you need to use according to the activities of that day. If heavy weight is unavoidable, opt for a model that has a center handle and wheels.

  1. Carry out specific activities

There are some specific activities, in addition to weight training and weight training, that can go a long way toward helping you maintain more balanced health and slow aging.

A good physiotherapist in Dwarka, for example, can make the tension and pain in the lower back decrease considerably. Another excellent alternative for those with back problems is to bet on Pilates classes. These options bring more body awareness, flexibility and relaxation. However, a medical evaluation is always recommended before beginning any exercise.

  1. Bet on constant stretching

There are a few types of stretches you can do without leaving your home or even sitting at your own desk. Often, a simple calf stretch, an arm roll, or even a short walk down the aisle will bring tremendous relief to your body.

  1. Consider a rest period

Finally, another posture care that you must have to end the pain is to simply accept that it is not iron and provide yourself with a period of rest. The best thing about it all is that, currently, you can find spaces designed for this, with physiotherapy doctor in Dwarka who can contribute to your well-being.

It is possible, for example, to go on a detox program, book a massage or simply take a break from the routine and enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. You can stay at such an establishment, learning how to lead a healthier and more fruitful life to increase longevity.

By following these posture care, you can minimize your discomfort and improve your quality of life, even without having to make major changes to your routine.