The market of FinTech digital solutions is constantly expanding in response to the growing demand. Both financial institutions and their clients win from such a state of art. So if you want to enter this niche, you should be ready for numerous challenges. The creation of quality FinTech apps is a process requiring effort and expertise. Arounda Digital Product Design Agency has them all.

We want to share our knowledge and tell you in brief about the FinTech app features and the steps we take to implement them into top-notch applications.

The Essential FinTech App Features

For proper functioning, there should be some basic FinTech app features. And it doesn’t matter whether you want to launch a digital wallet app, a payment app, or an insurance app because they all should contain the features we’ll specify below.

  • Sign-up and sign-in features are essential for FinTech applications as they ensure the verification of the user and create an extra level of security.
  • No app intended for financial operations can function without a dashboard. Its role is to display and systemize all the in-app tools.
  • Payment gateway is a FinTech-specific feature that allows users to fulfill financial operations within the app.
  • Security is fundamental to the app as there’s no way users will entrust their sensitive information to the application if they are not sure it’s safe. Two-factor authentication, encryption methods, and other extra safety features will add value to the app.
  • The possibility of scanning a QR code within the application will significantly improve the UX, which is essential to make the app popular.
  • Sending messages via push notifications will work well for tracking any payment changes for the users and will allow you to send them special offers.
  • The possibility of customizing the app to the users’ needs is important.
  • Explanations and tips aimed at helping an average user find their way through the app and make it understandable for users regardless of their age, experience, and knowledge.

Brief Explanation on How to Build a FinTech App

Knowing the principles of how to build a FinTech app is essential for anyone who thinks of diving into the FinTech market. At Arounda Agency, we have worked out a FinTech App development strategy that helps us create quality and user-friendly apps.

  1. Choose the type of app you want.
  2. Getting a team of experts to work on the app.
  3. Analyze the market to know your closest competitors and target audience.
  4. Check if your app complies with the financial sector laws and requirements effective in your region.
  5. Specify the features your application should contain.
  6. Begin working on the UI/UX design.
  7. Take care of the technical part of your app – develop it.
  8. Testing the app for bugs and fixing them before the project sees the market.
  9. Show the product to the market and start collecting feedback.