Medical billers need sounder dashboards, more leisurely reporting customizations, more virtual tools, enhanced capability to comprehend key billing metrics, and more. 50% of ASCs believe medical billing is complex and are often overwhelmed by the frequently varying rules & regulations. Payers have started requesting more from ASCs to chaperone the submitted claims.

ASCs must be on their toes to follow all the modifications in compliance and regulatory guidelines specific to them, as a tiny error can cost thousands of dollars and raise the risk of external audits. Even insurance companies keep reworking their platforms and are regularly altering their methodologies.


Medical billing firms are constantly updated with the most delinquent tools and software to oblige ASCs in billing and assure maximum reimbursements. As a result, most ASCs outsource their medical billing to sidestep all the intricate nuances enwrapping getting reimbursed for their helpful services. This blog discusses the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing medical billing.

What precisely is outsourcing ASC billing imply?

ASC billing decrypts all the services, documents, and therapies offered to patients into a systematic structure that insurance payers can comprehend. ASCs get reimbursed only if all the data is suitably edited and documented according to the payer’s guidelines. The ASC billing process is convoluted and full of slang that only a certified and adept professional can understand. The slimmest errors while proffering the documents or editing the patient treatment details result in a partisan payment or complete claim denial.


ASCs initially operated all the billing in-house with their team. It was and now is a tiresome process with plenty of documentation and terminology that takes a massive amount of time to understand and be able to complete. It also requires a lot of paperwork. Due to the upgrade in technology and increased awareness, ASCs have begun partnering with firms that provide end-to-end RCM services. Outsourcing billing services means that the ASC no longer has to worry about the complexities of the processes encircling getting compensated for their services from the payers. That responsibility now slips under the RCM service providers the ASC selects to handle their medical billing services. ASC billing service providers deliver outstanding services as they have a large squad of trained and certified specialists who work precisely to get full reimbursement for the ASCs. They utilize modern technologies, which count more value to the billing and help to streamline the RCM processes for ASCs.

Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing ASC medical billing  

The advantages of outsourcing ASC medical billing comprise:

Fast insurance payment

A decrease in medical billing mistakes results in quicker payments and total reimbursement. ASC medical billing service providers employ a mix of advanced technology and knowledge to submit, track, and handle claims.


Outsourcing with a reputed RCM billing firm like Plutus Health can boost revenue, streamline workflow, and bring exponential enlargement for an ASC.

Fewer costs

Employing and sustaining in-house medical billing is an enormous expense for ASCs as it arrives with expenses like payroll, infrastructure, onboarding, insurance, and more. ASCs need to have disposable revenue or the time necessary to preserve an entire unit of in-house billers. They need help finding a fast solution if a critical employee intends to quit or walk out. Outsourcing medical billing services reduces overhead costs. ASCs can count on Plutus Health to handle all their billing needs, including staffing necessities, at a lower price.

Full transparency

A few ASCs believe outsourcing is like transferring control and decision-making authority to an exterior company. When ASCs associate with a third-party medical billing benefit provider, the outsourced medical billing firm is held accountable for and responsible for delivering positive outcomes based on pre-decided parameters. ASCs can peek at crucial performance indicators to assess the outsourced billing partner. Pick an ASC medical billing provider who presents results supported by data and one that decides to provide full transparency into the RCM functions and revenue cash flow. Plutus Health regularly forges reports based on KPIs and conveys them to its clients. Our billing staff annihilates post-payment problems and delays to comprehend more profitability and enhance their client’s finances.

Eliminate errors

ASC billing has strict regulations that take more labor to manage and comprehend. A small mistake, one necessary thing that is missing, a term out of place, or a scrubbed object, can unnecessarily cause lengthy delays in reimbursements and even cause a total denial. ASCs must perform comprehensive RCM operations from the start to the end without errors. Occasionally, errors occur at the last submission stage. Human errors cause 90% of the mistakes in ASC billing. Plutus Health leverages AI to augment, aid, and oversee the entire billing process to reduce mistakes and dramatically eliminate unnecessary and sloppy errors. We do all the quality standards without putting pressure on ASCs.

More reasonable patient satisfaction and care

ASCs consistently aim to provide their patients with the finest care and assistance. When an ASC has to manage its RCM processes, it is challenging for the ASC to focus on patients and meet their expectations wholly. Managing RCM and clinical operations will overstress the ASC’s in-house staff. Staff who don’t have time to handle RCM processes and the patient’s clinical flow properly will perform better in crucial patient flow areas like patient appointments, patient check-in and check-out, and handling clinical concerns. Outsourcing ASC billing to Plutus Health enables ASCs to redirect all the billing stress to experienced billers and free their staff from all the complex RCM activities. ASCs can focus on patients and can work to provide better services to them, leading to increased patient satisfaction and retention rate.

Disadvantages of outsourcing ASC medical billing

The most noteworthy disadvantage of outsourcing ASC medical billing providers is cost. Each firm has its way of putting its needed fees. Outsourcing always has a price that might affect the bottom line of an ASC.


When ASCs associate with Plutus Health, they do not have to worry about increased prices. ASCs require to pay after they are paid. We provide superior ASC medical billing and RCM services to the ASCs. Are you peeking to outsource ASC billing services? Connect with our professionals to know how we can deliver you our useful billing services.

Key Takeaways:

  • ASC medical billing is complex, and the tiniest mistake affects the bottom line.
  • Outsourcing decreases errors, increases revenue, and lowers operational costs.
  • Patient satisfaction can be achieved by outsourcing your medical billing.
  • Tech-enabled ASC billing services improve transparency without giving away the authority of decision-making.