Incentive trips consist of offering workers a reward in the form of a trip as a reward for having achieved certain objectives or for carrying out an innovative project. In short, it is about rewarding certain employees with a trip as an incentive for a well-done job.

It can be done individually, but the most common is done in groups of workers, such as in a department since the main objective is to strengthen employee links and relationships. This motivates them to continue growing and surpassing themselves daily, setting ever more ambitious goals.

Many benefits are obtained after an incentive trip, but it is not only the employee who has advantages. Here you will discover how the company will benefit from carrying out these trips.

For the worker

  • The motivation will be even greater after verifying that the company he belongs to values ​​him and expects more from him.
  • Unique and enriching experiences that many workers can only afford through the company, since it is almost a requirement for incentive trips to meet expectations, to offer trips to attractive or exotic destinations.
  • Feeling of identity, since the employee will feel much closer to his co-workers. Creating a feeling of cohesion and team.
  • Reduction of stress in the workplace after completing the incentive trip and enjoying a few days off.

For the company

  • Talent retention, since if the company offers innovative and attractive experiences, for the employee, it will be an important reason why they will not look for job offers in other companies.
  • Business productivity will increase because employees will become a fundamental piece of the company’s mission and vision.
  • Improvement of the image of the company.

Examples of incentive trips
You may be wondering what experiences and destinations incentive travel planners are referring to specifically, right? The truth is that each company must choose the destination according to its vision and values, but here are some ideas for you to start getting inspired.

Landscape tourism: Morocco can be a paradise since it has a coast, mountains, oasis, and desert. Many attractive activities include:

  • Learning about a new culture.
  • Riding a camel.
  • Hiking through the wonderful landscapes.

Incentive travel organization
These benefits are not easy to achieve since you need to have a good organization that values ​​the trip’s details to achieve certain objectives. A true incentive trip that is worthwhile must include endless details such as:

  • What activities to do
  • What is the ideal destination
  • employee transportation
  • The comfort
  • accommodation services
  • Planning what they can do each day.

In addition, and most importantly, everything that is carried out in incentive trips, down to the smallest detail, must go hand in hand with the corporate culture of the company, its mission, and its vision. In this way, the Employees may acquire the company’s securities. Corporate incentive travel companies know how complicated this can be because this reward can be a waste of time, money, and effort if not planned properly.