It is a name in the reader fraternity that needs no introduction. Yes, I’m talking about Sir Scott Pratt, who has mastered the art of storytelling, in his own unique way and style. It’s called, Scott’s suspense stories, creatively penned by this Wall Street Journal bestselling author. All his creations are gems, with the most vivid description of characters, a dramatic storyline, absorbing climax and with an equally engaging finish. What makes his fiction novels the best thriller books of all time is the narration of incidents, which are inspired by real-life events, as it occurred at some point of time. In fact, his depiction and portrayal of characters feel so natural, as if you can relate it to yourself. The stories are so immensely captivating that any reader gets immersed into it, without bothering about anyone or anything. It is no wonder why his crime thrillers, legal dramas, mystery thrillers and suspense thriller books have been adjudged as New York Times bestsellers for the year 2021, and still the hot favorite among all avid fiction book readers. All his stories are taken from real-life incidents.

The WSJ Bestselling Author is a Legend that Knows How to Captivate His Audiences

It is quite evident in all this fiction series books that depict class and uniqueness, as penned by this author. Be it high-voltage courtroom dramas, legal thrillers or the New York Times best sellers fiction, each of his creations are a masterpiece. You can buy all his story books on the Amazon store, and enjoy reading some of the greatest crime & mystery thrillers of all time. One of his latest releases is the “Ripcord”, which is a captivating novel, layered with intrigue and twists. Even though Sir Scott Pratt is no longer with us, it is his fiction books, consisting of legal dramas and mystery thrillers that help us cherish his story writing style, all inspired by real incidents. The masterful weaving of the plot, juxtaposition or words, phrases and sentences, apart from portrayal of characters, is what makes his novels so interesting and exciting to read. This is the only reason why his story books have sold more than 5 million copies worldwide and translated to over 10 languages. This is what a legend is all about.