Bacteria, viruses, and microbes can invade our bodies and make us ill. These microbial organisms are responsible for the cause of the flu and measles. The pathogen has the potential to cause disease, which can damage the vital functioning parts of the human body.

Did you know that microbes contribute to the spread of non-infectious chronic diseases?

Yes, it is entirely true! Apart from the common flu, cold, and cough, they are prone to serious health issues. It may include;

  • Respiratory Issues
  • Chronic Cancer
  • Skin Problems

Every year, around 50% of the population suffers from such issues, and half of them lose their lives. Have you ever thought, “What’s the solution?” or “ How can we deal with it?”

To avoid getting infectious diseases, many people take precautions and opt for disinfectant products. In this article, we will be going to learn about a Surface Disinfectant that kills up to 99.9% of germs on touched surfaces.

Surface Disinfectant

How can people deal with such situations?

We are all witnessing the continuing impact of Covid-19 around the world. Still, about 587 million cases have been recorded worldwide as per recent data. It is mainly a virus spread from person to person when they come into contact. So, it is important to take care of yourself and your surroundings.

Surface disinfectants have a major role in maintaining hygiene. When the Covid-19 first wave emerged; the demand for surface disinfectants had greatly increased. Due to improved awareness of proper hygiene for preventing the spread of infectious diseases, the future market insights into the trend that will continue in the future can surpass their level.

The best way to protect yourself from getting diseases and illnesses like Covid-19, colds, and flu are to maintain good personal hygiene. Hand washing at a certain interval can help to avoid getting in contact with germs. Clean surfaces with disinfectants frequently, which are regularly touched, like door handles, tap faucets, and many others.

 Type of Disinfectants

 There are several categories of disinfectants used in commercial, industrial, and home facility maintenance. In liquid form, the options are alcohol, chlorine compounds, hydrogen peroxide, and many others for house cleaning. These are effective enough to widen the effect of germs and bacteria.

Another surface disinfectant type is the copper surface disinfectant. Copper has great properties to kill germs as it releases copper ions when microbes are transferred on the copper surfaces while coughing, sneezing, and touching.

The EPA-approved surface disinfectant is the perfect choice to kill germs on touched surfaces. It comes in rolls of different sizes. With special activated technology, it has the ability to kill microbes 25 times faster. You can easily apply the copper surface disinfectant in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, and educational centres.

Why should you invest in chemical-free surface disinfectants?

Investing in surface disinfectants is important for health as it keeps you free from diseases. But the question is, are you using chemical-free disinfectants or not? If you use chemical-based disinfectants, then you might have seen their impacts on your skin and body. Because some people are allergic to toxic odours, or their skin is reactive to chemicals. So, it’s good to use chemical-free disinfectants that are non-reactive toward your body.

The benefits of using eco-friendly disinfectants are:

  • It kills all germs on the surface and keeps you safe.
  • A quick and easy way to reduce pathogen transformation.
  • Time-saving and simple to use.
  • It contains all-natural ingredients and doesn’t harm the environment.
  • Free from strong-smelling substances and possesses natural ingredients like citrus, lavender, and others.
  • Minimize the risk such as burning eyes and skin.
  • No additional care is needed while handling.

Along with this, you can go with another option, which is Copper Surface Disinfectants. These metallic disinfectants are completely free from chemicals and risk-impacting additives. Even though they are solely manufactured for public places to kill bacteria and pathogens on touched surfaces.

Moreover, it is highly effective on high traffic grime areas and also works for the maintenance of surfaces. It helps in keeping the luster of the surface and protects it from rust. One thing you don’t have to worry about is risks, like in the case of chemical-based liquid disinfectants.

 Where can you install the Copper Disinfectant? 

The installation of antimicrobial copper patches on high-touch surfaces is a great thing. The commonly high-touched surfaces found in public places like schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. It is an innovative approach to use antimicrobial copper to prevent infections in crowded spaces.

The copper has self-sanitizing adhesion that kills bacterias within two hours. In other words, it reduces the lifespan of microbes. In addition to this, if you apply it on door handles, which is the most touched surface area, it will work as a great Door Handle Sanitizer. One can easily use it in indoor and outdoor spaces to keep them free from microbial.

Take Away:

If you want to keep yourself and your surroundings healthy and infection-free, then you might look at the solution. Otherwise, you can suffer from illnesses like colds, flu, and viruses due to the spread of microbes. As we have mentioned, there are different types of disinfectants available and get one according to your requirement.

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