Thanks to Aquaponics, you can grow shrimp, mussels, various fish, oysters at the same time as plants. The principle of the functioning of the aquaponics is to create a closed water supply cycle using two containers: the lower contains fish, and in the second, located above them, greens, vegetables, berries, flowers are planted. The life of the inhabitants of the aquarium are processed by microorganisms in fertilizers, and those, in turn, are absorbed by plant roots.

Aquaponics at your home

Gradually, more and more residents of megacities turn to alternative methods of obtaining the products they need, since young people are seriously conceived about environmental issues. So, the aquaponic system diagram is allowed to largely reduce the volume of carbon dioxide emissions when growing absolutely healthy foods. Your farm can be very small and occupy a minimum of space, which allows you to place it not only in the kitchen, but even in the office, store or restaurant, which means that you will always have fresh greens at any time! And at the same time, you will be 100% confident in its environmental purity.

So, the ideal option is the use of European cubs. Their volume depends on the number of fish and plants grown and can vary within 20-1000 liters. That is, you can successfully install an aquaponic system even in your apartment, and such an installation will save you space if you place it on an aquarium already available in the house.

The advantages of a small home aquaponic system:

  • Compact dimensions corresponding to the size of the classic aquarium
  • Aesthetics: aquarium and beautiful greens in the complex look very impressive
  • The ability to contain the most common aquarium fish like guppies, catfish, gold fish
  • The functioning of the system without fertilizers and chemicals
  • Simplicity of service

Device and principle of operation of the waterpower system

It is best to equip a design of light, wear -resistant container made of fiberglass or inert plastic. The bottom ideally should be conical or flat, which will largely facilitate the process of cleaning. The container is filled with expanded clay or zeolite, on which vazonchiki with mineral wool are located. It is in them that plants are planted. Soil in such a system is not needed, all the necessary trace elements will come with water. So everything is quite simple: the water contained in the aquarium washes the roots of plants that cleanse it of suspension and biogenes.

Plants with such planting are very convenient in care. If necessary, it is very easy to get them: you just need to extract a vazonchik from a layer of expanded clay, wait for glass water from the roots and that’s it! No additional manipulations! No dirt! From the phytofiller, water by gravity gets back into the aquarium, thereby forming a closed cycle.

It is better to illuminate the beds with LED lamps operating in the spectrum, which contributes to the rapid growth of vegetation. Ideal inhabitants of the aquaponic system are guppies and goldfish, which should be from seven pieces or more.

Aquaponics is a green salad in 1 month with 90% of water saving!

In the case of aquaponic, the need for a biofilter, which is an integral element of an ordinary aquarium, disappears. All you need is soil, heating, aerator and lighting! The container with plants is another step in the development of the idea of a phytofilter. Plant roots absorb everything that they need for growth from the water, riding it of all unnecessary fish.

In the process of testing, it was possible to find out that thanks to the aquaponic garden, it is possible to save about 90% of the water, while the plants grow twice as soon as possible. So, the creators of the aquaponic system in a month can enjoy a fresh green salad, which under ordinary conditions reaches its maturity only 7 months after planting in the soil.

In order for the system to function normally, it is necessary to install air and water pumps, thanks to which the necessary circulation of water is provided and the required level of oxygen in containers is supported. Thus, you will be calm for the health of your plants, animals and bacteria. Please note that electricity costs in the case of the aquaponic system make up a large part of the budget, so carefully select power sources and pumps. We advise you to use photoelectric energy, if you have such an opportunity.