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Can running shoes be used for tennis?

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Answer No. 1

In short, running shoes are not the best for playing tennis. If you play only occasionally and play around, you should be able to get away with wearing your running shoes. However, they must be sturdy and comfortable for moderate tennis use. If you’re playing often, bouncing around or are experiencing any problems with your knees or ankles, then you need to seriously consider investing in tennis-specific footwear.

The primary thing to take into consideration is that tennis follows distinct movement patterns than running or jogging. Jogging is a steady, even forward motion, whereas tennis is a sequence of brief bursts that are interrupted by sudden stops and rapid changes in direction.

The primary difference is the lateral motion. Shoes designed for tennis generally have more rubber around the edges, and occasionally within the box of your toes to give stability and durability for fast stops and starts.

If you play a lot of intense tennis in your running shoes, you’ll damage your shoes very quickly and run the risk of injuring your ankle. It is therefore better to buy a high-quality tennis shoe if you’ll be playing regularly.

Answer 2:

There is a serious drawback.

Simply No. Why?

Because they are designed for forward motion They don’t offer the kind of stability required for tennis.

It is possible to get your ankle rolled, or even worse.


Answer 3:

Sure, you can use running shoes as Tennis shoes. Why and How?

As you know that running shoes are intended to propel you forward, they are not to be used for shifting direction laterally.

The tennis court shoes are made to stabilize and support your ankle and foot in order to protect you from injuries when you’re putting on weight in order to hit, move, or to regain your balance during play.


Do the same tennis shoes work for all types of surfaces/courts?

It’s not really! I’ve only recently found this out, and thought ‘WTH Is this? Seriously?’. Actually, it it turns out there are different types of tennis courts that require different footwear! Not only to minimize the risk of damage to the court but also due to their inherent characteristics and conditions.

For example, grass courts that are generally the most delicate and slippery which is the reason the tennis shoes made for grass are laced with pimples (for the traction) and are flatter than other tennis shoes (to lessen the risk of the risk of damage).

However the shoes for hard court tennis are generally more durable and robust since they wear out faster and provide more cushioning as well as protection and support. Clay-court shoes, on contrary, feature particular patterns (aka herringbone patterns) on the sole to increase the grip as well as stability.

My experience: I’ve not played on grass, therefore I’m not able to talk about it. However, for clay and hard courts, I own two different tennis shoes.

It’s true that I’m not comfortable using my clay shoes on a hard court as they’re too hard and grippy to play on. However, at the same time I’d never put on my tennis shoes that are made for hard court clay as they’re just too fast and I’d likely have a lack of stability.


The tennis shoes are uncomfortable initially however, once you get used to playing they are Comfortable.

There’s no way to tell the truth! If you feel uncomfortable when you put them on at the store this is a huge, large red flag that you should not purchase the item! This is the first indication that they’re not suitable for you!

If they’re too rigid or soft and heavy, or light too hot, too plasticky or anything else the first impression you get is that they’re not quite right, take them off your list and continue searching ! It’s likely that they’re not going to get more relaxed all of a sudden as you step onto the court!

Prior to purchasing my brand new favourite Adidas I’ve also purchased another tennis shoe. They’re The Wilson Kaos Comp. What’s more, They were mine for a week before saying goodbye to them.

For the last time. My feet could not breathe. They were literally in a suffocating state! It wasn’t a surprise at all because the first impression I felt when putting them on was that they felt warm and cosy. The lesson learned!



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