People become conscious and take health seriously for a few years, especially the younger generation. They eat healthy food, go to the gym, exercise, drink green tea, and whatnot. In short, health is a major concern for the younger generation, and they are doing every possible thing to maintain their health with their busy schedule. Healthy food is also a major aspect of a “Healthy Life.” Folks are crazy about incorporating every healthy ingredient in a tasty but unhealthy dish, like maggie. They include paneer, veggies, and a source of protein in it to make it healthy.

You will see that many people make pasta healthy by adding veggies and reducing cheese and other sauces. Making pasta at home and ordering it from a hotel has a huge difference. The significant difference is the pasta ingredients. You can’t replace tasty pasta with a healthy one. Pasta with melted cheese is one thing you could eat over and over again. Thus, people often prefer to order it and don’t want to be stuck in pasta preparations at home. They have to arrange veggies and other ingredients and order pasta sauce online. However, healthy pasta will give a healthier lifestyle and better health. If you are health conscious, you must try to cook healthy pasta at home.

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Tips on how to make healthy pasta at home

  • Load it with veggies:

When you cook pasta, cook it with more vegetables than pasta, and you are already off to a great start. Cook pasta by adding enough vegetables to the dish in the majority, whether sauteing a few additional handfuls of spinach or the extra cauliflower. You just basically need to prepare a dish with more vegetable proportions and some pasta to make it healthy. There is a saying by Lavins-Merillat, “Veggies not only add additional fiber to your diet but also enhance the flavor of the meal.” Moreover, add some pasta sauce as there is no perfect spaghetti sauce. There are perfect spaghetti sauces. Remember, there is a quote, “Pasta doesn’t make you fat. How much pasta you eat makes you fat.”- GIADA DE LAURENTIIS

  • Add some protein:

One serving of the pasta does not have a specifically high in calories it is usually around 250-300 calories. Still, starch can result in a rush of insulin and a rapid increase in blood sugar. Gans explains when your body’s blood sugar levels rise, they tend to crash just as quickly. Moreover, your body usually causes cravings for more refined carbohydrates. However, the best part is you can reduce the spike in blood sugar craving by making your pasta with more fiber, fat, and some protein. Gans says protein should fill 1/4 of your plate or bowl if you are trying to lose weight. It is extra essential, and it can retain more of your lean muscle as you lose fat, leading to burning more calories every day.

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  • Swap out the heavy cream:

If you have pasta with heavy cream-spiked pasta sauce, it is the best thing, but it is not the most wholesome choice for everyday eating. Luckily you have a slew of creamy swap-ins that give similar results. You can toss the pasta with plain greek yogurt and good quality ricotta to make it instant. But don’t forget to be tempted by nonfat, skimpy stuff, as it really won’t give you the creaminess you want.

  • Try to Incorporate whole-wheat pasta:

Suppose you tried to change your regular pasta with the whole-wheat pasta years ago when it became popular. Although you may have quickly realized that it is healthy and rich in fiber and nutrients, but it doesn’t taste the same as regular pasta. Yeah! Before you decide which is good for you, consider that this different taste is actually a good thing for certain sauces.

  • Make a portion size:

It is an obvious one, but if you are lucky enough to visit Italy. The first thing you must notice is that the serving of pasta is a bit smaller, yet no less satisfying. Pile a little less pasta on the plate for a more healthy dinner. It means your pasta should have a good portion of vegetables and pasta, making your food more healthy. Moreover, the veggies add additional fiber to your diet and enrich the meal’s flavor. You can also experiment with your dish with good ingredients. Add ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes instead of red sauce and organic items on the dirty dozen like bell peppers, spinach squash, and beans.

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  • Use fresh herbs:

Fresh herbs are the best way to swap the flavor without added calories. Try to add basil and other herbs at home. So you always have them with you. Moreover, if you want to add some pasta herbs you can. It won’t be so harmful to your healthy dish. Suppose you add ingredients like veggies, Spanish and other sources of protein you can add pasta herb, it will not spoil your healthy dish.

  • Make the sauces at home:

While purchasing pasta sauce online from the internet may look good, making pasta sauce at home is healthier. When you buy those sauces from the market, cream-based sauces may contain unhealthy additives and stabilizers, while others may contain high sodium or fat content and added sugars. Whereas the homemade sauces whip up a simple herbs blend of oregano, basil thyme, and garlic instead of heavily salting up your sauce of choice.

  • Don’t overcook your pasta:

Pasta is only healthier when you follow up on the instructions given on the box (cooking time) after all it’s there for a reason. When you overcook the pasta, the pasta’s starch absorbs too much water, which leads to swelling, and its nutrients are eventually released into the cooking water.

Are you confused about choosing healthier over tastier? Here are tips to make delicious pasta healthy!

Life is the combination of magic and pasta! If you love pasta and can’t cut it from your dishes, making it healthier is best. Preparing healthy pasta is not a difficult thing to do in the kitchen. You just need ingredients like whole-wheat pasta, veggies, and some fresh herbs to make it healthier. It will incorporate your pasta into a healthy diet list, and you can enjoy it anytime you want.

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