Both Artificial and Software Engineering come under the same umbrella of computer science and research. However, there is a huge debate on this domain of Artificial Intelligence vs Software Engineering. In this blog, we will discuss the points that make these fields of study distinct from each other and on what lines they appear to be similar.

Both AI and Software Engineering are opposite sides of a coin. Ai and Machine Learning engineers play a vital role in this stiff rivalry. Therefore, we will discuss a bit about Artificial Intelligence before going deep down into the field of Software Engineering.

Artificial Intelligence

As per the recent study, it has been observed that demand for AI engineers has increased by almost 74 percent. Some various companies and businesses are dependent on AI-driven tasks. Those companies unrelated to technology now require AI for the smooth functioning of the business.

AI engineers use traditional neural networks and natural image processing to build models that need AI-based applications. Through various apps, AI engineers create different kinds of applications, including language translation, sentiment analysis, etc.

Educational Background of AI Engineers

Majority of the AI Engineers come from diverse sets of backgrounds such as Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, and Cognitive Science. All these factors contribute to growing as a perfect AI professional.

Software Engineers

The kind of work expected from a software engineering professional includes the development of applications in various platforms like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, etc. Some other professionals from a software engineering background need to develop operating systems and networks for multiple apps. The work of a system architect and design of IT documentation comes under the purview of a software engineer.

Educational Background of Software Professionals

Software Engineering professionals have relevant degrees such as Bachelor’s in Software Engineering, B.Sc in Computer Science, or programming-related courses. These employees are skilled with programming skills such as Java, Python, Cobol, C++, C#, etc.

Therefore, who wins the debate? Well, deep down into it, there is no such winner between artificial intelligence and software engineering. It is solely reliant on the person and the passion that drives them into it. Both of these fields come with a plethora of opportunities and scope and also trending in this world of technology.

Who is the Winner-AI v Machine Learning?

If we compare the salary structure of AI and ML engineers, then both get a sufficient amount for their work. But also one question arises why Artificial Engineers remain at the forefront in terms of remuneration. The primary reason behind this is that AI engineers require practical skills such as Python, Statistics, Big Data, Java, Data Mining, etc.

Software Engineers are considered artists who can develop as per the set of instructions. Whereas an ML engineer can automate the work using decision-driven skills as well. Therefore, considering ML engineers are winners, software engineering professionals have long-term prospects to grow and develop expertise.

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