Sun industries has been a forerunner in bringing mechanization into the construction process. We, at Sun Industries supply a wide range of high performance construction equipment such as Bar Cutting Machines, that are specifically developed to meet the needs of the construction sector.




A Bar Cutting machine is a tool that cuts steel as well as other hefty metal bars for construction works. This machine replaces the traditional method of sawing through metals and makes the production work more time-saving and easy.




This machine isn’t like any other saw or cutter you’ve ever seen. To cut through the rebar, the Bar Cutting Machine uses an alloy dull blade rather than a typical thin cutting blade. Pulleys, gears, and an electric motor are used to power it. It is made up of a powerful electric motor. Through a V belt, the electric motor is connected to a huge pulley which is moved by an electric motor. The pulley then rotates a series of interconnected gears within the machine and the crankshaft is driven by the torque generated. The connecting rod is subsequently driven by the crankshaft to move the cutting blade. One blade is stationary, while the other is movable and the to-be-cut bar is sandwiched between them. The blades are able to cut the rebar in half due to the force created by the engine. Grip and Slice is another name for this mechanism.


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A Bar Cutter makes your construction work better by cutting metal bars with precision. There are several characteristics that makes this machine unique, some of them are listed as below:


  1. It helps in the cutting of steel bars through pedal control or a hand switch
  2. It has easily replaceable rectangular cutter blades made of thermally- treated alloy steel.
  3. For its big throat and cutter knives, it is more effective in small and medium diameters.
  4. Its gears are lubricated with an oil bath on bearings.
  5. It is two-wheeled and mobile.
  6. It has a simple and high-quality steel body structure.
  7. It is highly portable and takes up minimal room.




Our bar cutting machine is made of high durable metal that is mostly wear and tear resistant. It allows cutting of bars between 6mm diameter to 40mm diameter. It is a semi automatic machine with a motor power of 5 HP and a motor phase of 3 which makes it extremely reliant. The rotation per minute allowed by the motor is 2800, leading to a powerful output and the machine weighs approximately 440 kgs which makes it compact and moveable.


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