Did you realise that air conditioning accounts for about 12% of people’s energy bills?


Air conditioning is not only expensive, but it is also harmful to the environment. Millions of metric tonnes of carbon dioxide are discharged into the atmosphere each year. While an air conditioner is an obvious solution for those hot summer days, have you considered a smart ceiling fan? That’s correct, your television isn’t the only piece of household equipment that’s becoming more intelligent. Ceiling fans have been modernised, with unique approaches used to provide climate management within the home.

Working of the Smart Designer Ceiling Fan


Instead of having to pull a cord or turn a switch on your wall, smart designer ceiling fans let you control them from anywhere using a smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. You may use your smartphone to set up automated schedules and manage your ceiling fan from anywhere. In addition to your smartphone, certain smart ceiling fans may be controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


Although voice-recognition tools such as Alexa are the most common way to manage smart ceiling fans, they are not the only choice. You can even get smart ceiling fan apps for your tablet or laptop, giving you a plethora of remote control options. Give our Review the Basics post a quick read for a more complete overview of how fans work!

Smart Decorative Ceiling Fans are Efficient

Smart Decorative Ceiling Fans perform well in locations with prolonged hot weather. They do not cool air like air conditioners, but rather move it around. People feel cooler because the changing air helps to minimise sweat. This, in turn, cools the skin.


To begin with, Smart ceiling fans have DC motors that are up to 75% more efficient than typical AC motors. Furthermore, many new fans include innovative LED light packages that provide more lumens than lightbulbs while using less energy. Finally, Smart fans provide additional capabilities such as a schedule and timer, allowing you to ensure that your fan is only turned on when needed.


Smart Ceiling Fans are Versatile


However, these smart fans are multifunctional because they may also aid to move warm air during the colder winter months. As a result, they help to reduce the demand for air conditioning during the summer and can help to reduce heating during the winter.


Most fans include a winter feature to combat heat stratification. An updraft is produced by changing the direction of the fan clockwise. Heat is being recirculated, making the room feel warmer.


Smart ceiling fans are also fashionable! They are available in a variety of contemporary finishes that add charm, brightness, and comfort to any décor setting. Already have an idea for a design? Explore fan selections depending on home décor styles by visiting our Ceiling Fan Style page. We have fans for every style trend, from industrial décor fans to luxury crystal fans!

Smart Ceiling Fans are Sophisticated


Modern Smart ceiling fans are more intelligent, taking the guesswork out of your home’s cooling and lighting:

  • Indoor & Outdoor: 


Depending on your requirements, smart fans are available in both indoor and outdoor configurations. Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fans are damp-rated and ideal for use in covered outdoor areas such as patios and verandas. Outdoor ceiling fans, while designed to endure the elements, should not be exposed to them directly.


  • Compatible with Home Devices: 


The majority of Smart fans can connect to Smart home hubs and voice control technologies such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. However, keep in mind that you will always require Wi-Fi to connect to these devices remotely.

  • Compatible with Sensors: 


Smart fans interface effortlessly with your existing Smart home equipment, including temperature sensors, so your ceiling fan will turn on or off automatically based on the temperature of your environment. If the temperature in your room climbs over a certain threshold, it will automatically turn on to provide cooling airflow.

  • Scheduling & Timer Feature: 


Smart ceiling fans allow you to programme a schedule or timer to best suit your everyday demands. Set it to turn on every morning for the ideal setting after a morning workout, or set a timer to turn it off before bedtime. The possibilities are limitless!

  • Modern LED Lighting: 


Modern ceiling fans are outfitted with easy LED light kits that provide limitless lighting configurations and provide the ideal mood for any setting. Over 50,000 hours of use, dimming settings, and changing light tones, including Warm, Neutral, and Cool, are all available.

Interested in Buying a Smart Ceiling Fan?


As you can see, there are numerous advantages to buying a smart designer ceiling fan. If you want more control over the climate in your house, a smart fan could be an excellent choice.


Not only do the advanced features give you a lot of control over your fan, but choosing the best designer fan collection in India will also save you the energy that you’d normally spend on air conditioning.


Smart ceiling fans are also versatile and simple to use, allowing you to cool down your home in the summer and warm it up in the winter.