Physical security risk assessments have been on trend for centuries. The reason is kingdoms and palaces’ vulnerability to outside attacks. They have been building castles, forts and barriers, which we see today. However, today the principle behind this vulnerability is the same. A risk assessment process involves having an in-depth look at those vulnerable points organizations face and providing an amicable solution.

Besides the security threats, many organizations do not think about the necessity for physical security risk assessment as they consider security assessments an unnecessary expenditure, hardly realizing any lackadaisical attitude can cause frustrating loss and many unanswered questions. In some cases, the security breach happens as the employee forgets about it or purposefully restricts adhering to a policy.

In spite of impending threats often organizations neglect to put a policy in place, making it easy to get distracted by security technology and lose focus. However, a comprehensive search can prevent security breaches from happening. You can have a security risk assessment from Annexustech, the company to offer IT solutions to make organizations safe and improve their productivity.

The benefit of having physical security risk assessments for your business 

Organizations are networked with multiple systems and internally and externally interconnected, making the same vulnerable to hacks and cyber crimes. But companies wait till they face a major threat, and by this time, the company has either lost dollars or data and reputation.

Experts suggest, not to wait for a security breach to happen before you reevaluate the safety procedures. Make sure that the Physical Security Risk Assessment is done by an experienced professional. Get a security audit professional to make an assessment who would guide you through the process and recommend your financial needs and demands.

A business fails to comply with the security measures.  

The sad truth is that businesses do not comply with security measures while protecting themselves and their businesses. Proper technology also allows for easy access to secure areas, and poorly placed or incorrect installation can lead to unused footage when you require the most.

Team of Risk Assessors  

Annexus Tech team has highly trained and experienced professionals who work to comply with the security needs. They comprehensively analyze the issues that others might not take due consideration. Their team will do the necessary assessments and will also serve as case liaisons for your business.

Comprehensive analysis of the current security issue 

Comprehensively analysis will be conducted on your current security system, and according to the prescribed standards. We will evaluate the system, and notify you of the vulnerable points.

 Get a customized long-term plan

Following the walk-through, you will get a customized long-term place for your business security measures. This includes a list of recommendations that make sure your company is as secure as possible. The main objective is to protect everything from company personnel to equipment and other company assets. The security service providers help business owners to conduct physical security assessments and tailor solutions.

Prepare Cost Analysis 

 Realistic budgets are the pertinent aspect of the business, so working closely can determine and analyze the assets and probability of threat. It will also help assume the cost of loss versus the cost of the security system.

Perform Security Synergy

  • The security analysis helps to detect the security gaps
  • Prevent data breaches
  • Allow best protocols and controls to reduce the risks
  • Prioritize the protection of the assets with the highest value and risk
  • Reduce unnecessary control measures
  • Establish, retain and plan your compliance with regulations
  • Forecast your future needs.

The IT risk assessment involves the following key components: 

Threat and vulnerability:  Your IT system can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, malicious elements, natural disasters, and website failures. Outdated antivirus software can also get prone to malware attacks.

 Damage and loss to the system: The IT system can also cause intense loss and damage to the organization, for instance, a ransomware attack could cause a loss in productivity. It can also cause disclosure of customer data or trade secrets that could result in loss of business, legal fees, and compliance penalties.

System or application downtime: If a system fails to perform its function, customers might be unable to place orders, do their jobs, or even communicate.

Legal Consequences: You also have to face consequences if someone steals data from the databases, even if the data is not valuable. The reason is you have failed to comply with the data security requirements of HIPAA, PCI DESS, or any other compliance issue.

The solution lies in having strong defences set on perimeters that would reduce vulnerability and protect the vulnerable points. In this way, the risk will be minimum, and there is assured physical security risk assessment even though the asset is critical.

How to conduct the IT security risk assessment?

A comprehensive approach is needed in the areas of cyber vulnerability instead of depending on a few IT team members. Physical security risk assessment involves experts from all departments where the vulnerabilities can be identified and found.

Seek the services of risk assessment companies, like Annexus Tech. The company has professionals to detect and remove the chances of malicious attack, followed by the recovery to make your approach reliable. We perform a comprehensive review of the physical security systems, operating procedures, architectural security, a review of security programs, and others.

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