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Before knowing the features of smart watches, lets just know what is smart glasses.

What is smart watches?

Smart Watch are digital watches. These watches add detail next to or to what the wearer sees. Then again, now and then shrewd glasses are portray as wearable smartwatches that can trade their optical properties at runtime. Brilliant shades, coordinated to change color by electronic means, are an illustration of the last sort of shrewd watches.

Smart Watch

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Smart Watch

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Features of Smart glasses

The following aa few features of smart glasses:

Sound quality: The speaker for cellphone gathering and remote sound information sources lays on the finish of the ear rest. Sound is moved to the ear through the bone conduction rather than air conduction by means of the sound channel.

Smarts connectors: The CPU PC mind is situated on the arm of one ear rest.

Mic: Smart glasses these days set the receiver with a miniature speaker for sound response and notices and pay interest to digital announces and music.

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