A condition of unnecessary reflexive flow of semen is termed Jaryan (spermatorrhea). The spreading rate of this disease was increased especially during the 18th to 19th centuries. Now, the male species of the 21st century is suffering a lot. Let’s narrow down to see, what are the major causes and symptoms of jaryan (jaryan ki Alamat). And what is the best possible herbal treatment (jaryan ka Ilaj) to overcome the disease?

Cause of jaryan

The loss of semen from the body at the onset of puberty is natural. But, frequent loss of this fluid can cause serious hazards. One of the major causes of jaryan is masturbation. But there are some other factors, which must be taken into account.

Environmental Stress and Social Responsibilities

They have contributed much to the destruction of a person’s health, especially, when it comes to a man’s physiological health. So, those who have built a vice of masturbation are affected by the third-degree torcher and emotional stress at some stage of their life. They find it as an easy escape to get relief via masturbation.


Constipation is another factor that must be accounted for here. This causes physical weakness. Constipation is a painful condition while passing stool. A person suffering from constipation may also develop the symptoms of jaryan (jaryan ki Alamat) if untreated for too long.

Alcohol consumption

Drug addiction

Hormonal problem

Emotional imbalance

Week nervous and digestive system

Complexities due to some medication

Symptoms of Jaryan (Jaryan ki Alamat)

A person affected with jaryan exhibits pronounced symptoms, which can easily be identified by himself. These symptoms can lead to an alarming situation, if untreated with possible self-negligence. The condition of jaryan may lead to the condition of erectile dysfunction. The person may become physically unfit for intercourse. He may experience physical impotency for a short time. The condition can be prolonged depending on the condition. In simple words, this may be a cause of male infertility. Some common symptoms (jaryan ki alamat) are;

  • Exhaustion and tiredness
  • Back pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Flabby penis
  • Urination with semen ejaculation
  • Emotional stress
  • Increased heart rate
  • Indigestion issue

Treatment of Jaryan (Jiryan ka Ilaj)

Treatment of jaryan is as much important as its diagnosis. In Pakistan, most of the cases remain unreported and untreated because males are hesitant to consult related doctors. The treatment of jaryan depends on a person himself. If he wants to get cured, he must

  • Avoid masturbation
  • Impose celibacy
  • Take a good healthy diet
  • Try to consult with a physiologist, if feel depressed for a long time.
  • Stop smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Increase water uptake
  • Keep yourself away from unsafe sexual exposures
  • Along with these measures, take a prescription with the doctor

Kegel Exercises

This is an exercise for males suffering from jaryan. For this exercise, pelvis muscles are contracted and relaxed with an interval of 3 seconds on each turn. This can build pressure on the copulatory organ. Once your muscles build enough strength, try to repeat the activity several times during the day.

Home Remedies for Jaryan (Jiryan Ka Gharelu Ilaj)

Herbal medicine treatment has shown efficient results in recovery from jaryan in many cases. Many herbal medicines are available in the market but we are offering the best herbal medicines with proven results. An infected person can be cured easily with the regular use of our herbal product. Some of the herbs that are encouraged for the treatment are:

  • safed musli
  • Aswagandha
  • Saffron

Jaryan is a severe disease that can cause the failure of the male reproductive cycle. It can affect a male’s fertility and he may become impotent. That’s why the on-time treatment of jaryan (jaryan ka desi ilaj) is crucial for making a male healthy again. Kegel exercise and self-avoidance of activities like masturbation, smoking, etc. can reduce the risk of being affected badly by the pait dard. Also, the chances of quick recovery may increase by the use of herbal treatment. The best thing about herbal treatments is they do not cause any diverse side effect. The recovery process only depends on a person’s effort.