Melt and pour soap crafting is a fun, low-cost, and simple method to get started creating soap. Melt and pour soap bases are popular among some individuals due to their simplicity of usage and safety. Using pre-made soap bases for soap production is a much simpler method as compared to cold process soaps. 

You may be creative by using different shaped moulds, fragrance oil, essential oils, and other substances to build your own soap bases. Melt & Pour soaps, which are fully handcrafted and good to the skin, also make nice and useful gifts. Let’s have a look at some Melt & Pour soap recipes for making handcrafted soaps you can try at home using the best organic melt and pour soap base.

Organic Melt and Pour Soap Base DIY Recipes

Recipe1: Handmade Rose Soap

Making your own rose soap is not only fun, but it also makes a great present. Rose soaps are extremely calming and soothing, which is why they are beneficial to the skin. Follow the steps below to make your own rose soaps.

Ingredients Needed:

  • 20-25 drops of Rose Essential Oil
  • Matte Pink Oxide Pigment Powder
  • Dried Rose Petals 
  • 2 cups melt-and-pour Shea Butter Soap Base
  • Soap silicone mould

How to Make Rose Soap at Home:

  • Cut the soap base into cubes and melt it in a double boiler over low to medium heat.
  • Stir the soap base until it is totally melted.
  • After the soap base has been melted, combine the essential oils, dried rose petals, and coloured pigment in a mixing bowl and thoroughly combine.
  • Prepare the soap mould by sprinkling dried rose petals on it. 
  • Carefully pour the soap base into the mould.
  • Allow the soap to dry fully before demolding it.
  • Carefully pop out the soaps from the mould.

Recipe 2: Exfoliating Handmade Soap 

Coffee exfoliating soap bars are a great exfoliant as it helps to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt, sebum, and pollutants from the skin. Follow to given recipe to make  Exfoliating Handmade Soap at home. 

Ingredients Needed:

  • 1.5 cup Organic Goat’s Milk Soap Base
  • 1 Tablespoon of fresh ground coffee
  • 1 Teaspoon of Almond Oil
  • 1 or 1.5 Teaspoons Vanilla Fragrance Oil 
  • Silicone soap Mould

How to make Exfoliating Soap Bars:

  • Cut your soap base into small pieces.
  • Melt the chunks carefully in a double boiler on low to low medium heat.
  • Remove from the heat and immediately mix the coffee, almond oil, and fragrance into the melted base.
  • Fill the moulds with the melted soap base.
  • Allow a few hours for the soap bars to solidify.
  • When the soap bars are completely set, remove them from the mould and store them in airtight containers.

Recipe 3: Citrusy and Refreshing Handmade soap

Citrusy and refreshing soaps contain essential oils of lemon, orange, and peppermint, which are naturally detoxifying and cleansing. This soap also includes anti-allergic characteristics, which help to avoid skin issues such as acne, pimples, rashes, and so on. To make DIY zesty and refreshing soaps at home, follow the recipe provided.

Ingredients Required:

  • 10 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 10 Drops lemon essential Oil
  • 5 drops sweet orange essential Oil 
  • Orange Pigment powder
  • 2 cup Sulfate-Free Natural Ultra White Soap Base
  • Silicone Soap Mould 

How to make Citrusy and Refreshing Handmade Soap:

  • Cut the soap base into cubes and melt it in a double boiler over low to medium heat.
  • Continue to mix until the soap base has completely melted.
  • After melting the soap base, add the essential oils and coloured pigment to a mixing bowl.
  • Pour the soap base into the mould carefully.
  • Let the soap bars settle fully before demolding them.
  • Carefully pop the soaps out of the mould.


Making melt and pour soap is a satisfying and enjoyable activity. Simply melt the materials, pour them into the mould, and wait for them to solidify until your soap is ready to use. If you’re not sure what ingredients to use, you can make homemade soaps by following the recipes provided.  VedaOils provides high-quality melt and pour soap bases that are free of chemicals, toxins, and fragrances. You can also check out the list of best melt and pour soap bases for DIY soap making. Have a wonderful day creating your own soap!