One of the questions that get thrown around the forum is “which is the best Embroidery digitizing company?”. This question comes up now and then, I am amazed that no one has answered it before, or even when people answer they keep recommending the same old couple of companies. So taking everyone’s betterment into account we thought of putting together a list of the best digitizing companies in the USA. However, the question pops up in my mind: why would one need to hire outsource services when there are plenty of “auto digitization” converting machines and plenty of good designs available online.

Why Do You Require Embroidery Digitizing Services?

If you are starting your own embroidery business or already running one.  You might have thought that most of the orders you will be getting would be of school uniforms and random embroidery designs. However, the corporate demand for embroidered sportswear and uniforms is huge and eventually one of your clients would ask you to take care of one of those unique embroidered clothes.

In a lot of businesses across the USA embroidered polos are considered workplace uniforms. Often companies would have their employees wear shirts or t-shirts with their logo imprinted or stitched on them. Whilst you will be able to digitize some files by yourself more often than not you will need help from outside to turn the artwork into a complete masterpiece. At times even sports teams and schools would like their items embroidered relevant to their organizations.

Why Would You Want To Embroider Unique Logos?

Landing corporate customers means long-term contracts for embroidery organizations and services. Often companies have a bigger budget for getting items embroidered than individuals. This also means that companies would require you to do the same job again, hence potential ongoing revenue. This revenue can become a deciding factor whether you are going to make big in the service industry business.

Regardless of the aforementioned facts. Corporate clients are easily manageable and come with plenty of time in their hands. Instead of the dad who asks zillion questions and will point out every minor detail for you as it is your first time completing the job and to top it, all the high maintenance dad would need right away! Do not get me wrong some of our best clients are individual clients, however, the probability of you getting a headache while working for an individual is far more than working for a corporate client.

On the other hand, getting a contract or landing a job of a hundred t-shirts from a corporate client means you get the sample right and it is game on from there. Plus a hundred t-shirts means a lot more cash than one individual printed shirt.

Unlike an individual client’s cute birthday t-shirt whose design can be purchased. Corporate clients would ask you to design custom logos for them. Something unique that delivers the message and the motto of their firm. Often corporate clients come with their custom logos. That only makes the job harder, since customizing them for embroidery while keeping every detail in mind takes years of hands-on experience. Often finding digitizers with this much experience is a hard job.

Digitization Of Logo And Its Importance

Corporate companies often get their logos done on a vector program. Which allows them to get it printed on a smaller scale such as on a business card and something as large as a billboard. This is possible because on vector programs designs are saved as mathematical equations. you change one detail and everything gets altered proportionally. Making the result as real and clear as it gets. Most designers use Adobe illustrator for the vectorization or creation of logo design and the files are not usually in machine-friendly formats (eps or AI). The formats that the machines can not incorporate, they can not print.

Thus, For a logo to be embroidered perfectly it has to be digitized and converted in a language that a machine can understand. For a machine to weave the design perfectly it needs some additional details i.e stitch counts, density, color and order of stitching, and much more.

And you might think there is some auto digitizing software out there but the result is just satisfactory and often ends up increasing the manual intensity of the design. (removing the wrong stitches). Nonetheless, in any case, a good digitizer should be able to do a remarkable job with it.

Top 10 Embroidery Digitizing Companies.

We mentioned earlier that we have found a way to help you with all your embroidery needs and after careful consideration, we have shortlisted these 10 companies to take care of your digitization needs.

  1. Threads & arts embroidery digitizing (8$ for any left chest and cap logo, regardless of the complexity of the design and that too with a whopping turnaround time of 2 hours)
  2. Mig Digitising (leading the industry right now)
  3. Cactus embroidery designs (does a remarkable job)
  4. Greenline  (sew out of their designs is amazing, however higher turnaround time)
  5. Absolute-digitizing (affordable)
  6. Stitched Impression (dependable)
  7. Vitor digitizing. (works a great deal)
  8. Chief Threads ( remarkable turnaround time)
  9. Apex Embroidery-Designs (have been in the market the longest, so reliable.)
  10. Monkey doodle digitizing. (Just like their motto, they are always happy to help)

Final Thoughts:

You should not expect hefty payments to any of these companies. At max, a complex left chest or cap logo digitizing should not cost you more than 25$. If anyone is asking more than 25 bucks for a left chest they are mostly trying to rip you off. On the other hand, we can not say the same for jacket back and difficult vector arts as it takes a great amount of time to digitize and design these logos. Nonetheless, that’s why threadsandarts’s business logo embroidery services is  among the list because of their dedication towards commitment and great customer service. Every time a client places an order, a particular representative is assigned to look after their needs and make sure the design gets back to them in time. So, if it were up to us we would surely pick them from the list