Customer experience design, widely known as User Experience design, is a process that defines the overall experience of a customer when they meander through any mobile app or website as they choose or buy a product. This experience can be good, frustrating, pleasant, difficult or baffling. Hence, the user experience directly impacts the website’s conversion, engagement, and retention rate. This is why you need a good UI UX design company, that makes your brand’s user experience seamless and pleasant.

The UI UX plan of any product should include every aspect like branding, tech, usability, and design. Any design agency or a UX designer in India with extensive knowledge in UI UX design who is also familiar with all aspects of quality and what should a design agency provide to the client is the one you should go for. And hence, we are here to help you to choose the right UX design agency in India.

Why Does Your Brand Need A UI UX Design Agency?

The competition never sleeps, especially in the era of booming IT and metaverse. In this digitally savvy generation, you should ensure that you achieve an edge in the user experience field. Selecting the right design agency is neither impossible nor complicated, and your company needs to discover a strategic UX agency partner so your product can achieve exponential growth rates. 

Reports suggest that companies with user-friendly interfaces get up to 83% conversion lift. Therefore, there is a more substantial chance of gaining loyal and trusting customers. The key to an outstanding online customer experience lies in quality visual design, low-effort task completion, intuitive navigation, and other such factors.

Before reaching out to the design agency of your choice, you should consider compiling a short brief of your design project. Which includes:

  • Your new project’s end-goal
  • What kind of audience the website is meant for
  • Your budget
  • An accurate list of features
  • Expected timeline

Questions To Consider Before Hiring A UI UX Design Company India

As you examine the past experiences of the agency, you should first go through the agency’s portfolio. This way, you can determine the company’s primary projects and how professional they are in their work. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before hiring any design agency

How many projects has the agency completed?

  • Ensure that they are live projects and not merely concepts.

Do they follow the same design pattern or each project is different?

  • Choosing a company that takes a unique approach to every project is good. 

What is their design quality?

  • The quality of the assignment is highly essential. Analyze patterns like their project’s spacings, sizes, and information is properly presented, and if the navigation is easy to follow. Beautiful design doesn’t always mean that the UX is good.

Does their case study include actual user experience, engagement, retention, and conversion metrics?

  • UX design, afterall, is all about improving the metrics and not about how eye-pleasing the interface looks. The visitors should report high user experience metrics, and they should have a seamless experience while using your product. 

Have they described the actual process and end design goals in their portfolio?

  • If any firm can describe a design process accurately, then it means they have complete knowledge of their previous work. It shows that they are deeply involved with their project from the start. 
  • It is always intelligent to ask the agency and their UI UX designers to provide concrete examples of exactly what they did to reach the end design goal. The end goal can be conversion, engagement, or retention rate improvement.

What makes an agency the best and why?

  • How they react to criticisms and feedback is also essential. 

The Best UI UX Design Agencies Of 2024

UI UX Design Agency in India

Red Baton Design 

A data-driven human experience design studio crafting experiences to reduce complexities of life while creating profitable business avenues

Ranked as one of the most reliable & best UI UX design agency India, RB has a vast clientele, which includes well-known names like Hindustan Unilever, Tata One MG, Yulu, Amazon Academy,Tredence, Aegon Life Insurance, and many other small & big level firms in the fields of IT, retail, supply chain, finance, media, and more. With a close-knit team of 150+ people, and situated in Bangalore, India, Red Baton is known to create a brand identity that brings out a recall value & customer retention. Their top-notch UI UX designs based on vast User Research have driven sales massively for several businesses. 

Visit : 

Lollypop Design

Lollypop Layout Studio has completed almost 10 years in the industry and focuses on inducing client experience. Located in Bangalore, India, they have a satellite working environment in Mumbai. Lollypop creates UI apps for businesses in the field of medical care, instruction, & food innovation.

They have a wide range of clients and have won many awards. They are known to turn their client’s basic wireframes into clever UI designs.


Sparklin Innovations 

A UI UX Design agency in India that offers UX/UI branding, design & web development services.

This is a UI UX design agency India established in 2013 and they have a group of about 20 employees. Sparklin offers UX/UI branding, design, and web development services. A sports company worked with them to provide updates for its existing app. Sparklin’s team pointed out the brand name identity and recommended a name change; after that, they targeted the wireframes and UX layout. The job prioritized usefulness over visual charm, yet the application is enhanced in both domains.



Userfacet is a UI UX design agency India, which mostly deals in layout designs. With a group of less than 50 employees, this company gives UX/UI layout services to ventures in the IT, finance, natural resources, and company solutions sectors. 



Divami Layout Labs is a client experience firm and is tagged as one of the best UI UX design companies in India by the brand they have collaborated with. A team of nearly 90 members, Divami Layout Labs is known to have the most involvement in UX/UI format for WordPress & .NET content administration frameworks. Founded in 2008, they utilize a three-venture run methodology to manage these errands: uncover, plan, and layout. 


YUJ Designs

Headquartered in Pune, India, YUJ Designs is a team of 85+ members and it solely indulges UX Ui designs.

Known as a digital style firm & a UI UX design agency India, this company is headquartered in Pune, India, and has a team of 85+ staff members. The agency solely indulges in UX/UI design.

YUJ Designs extended their services to an exclusive life insurance firm. The company revamped its website and also created an internal app. 


F1 Studioz 

With multiple headquarters in India, this group of 30+ employees have worked mostly in the IT sector. They are known to follow a structured process and reduce complexities.

Established in 2012, F1 Studioz is a venture UX/UI style business. With multiple areas in India, they have a group of 30+.

An IT company hired F1 to revamp their campaign management device. They established a conceptual model of the item and structured a process. Their group’s work reduced the complexity of the device and made it accessible for users.



A UI UX design agency, India, is a digital style firm based in Bangalore. Established in 2012, their team essentially serves small businesses and midmarket customers in numerous sectors, that includes IT, finance, and many more. The team at Thence analyzes brand name representations and translates them into designs according to the client’s requirements with a better UI. 


Team CoDesign 

A UX UI design company in India which is based out in Nagpur and was found in 2017. The team offers logo design, and also branding for their clients. Team CoDesign developed a UX/UI for an application that helps avoid fashion jewellery burglary. In a short period, they created a great structure.



A branding company, which is also a UI UX design agency India based out in Chennai. Founded in 2010, they supply product methods and design for startups. Their solutions concentrate entirely on creating UX layouts for electronic products.

Rillusion also developed a UI and UX for their staff intranet. They produced a brand, logo, and wireframes for several distinctive pages with complete functionality.


We hope this article helped you in choosing the right agency for your brand. Let us know in the comments below!