Creating WordPress websites is simple, but optimizing properly for Search Engine Optimization is not. WordPress is good for SEO, particularly the latest versions. But still, there are many scopes for transforming the ‘decent’ part into ‘excellent.’ SEO is not restricted to low-quality link building and conspicuous keyword stuffing. It has actually gone via development in the last decade, and it’ll never stop changing.


If you want to get a high ranking on the search engine results pages, then you have to take SEO seriously. Fortunately, using WordPress, you’re already a step ahead because it’s SEO friendly. It’s also one of the several reasons why people select WordPress in a first position.


In this article, we will explain several WordPress SEO techniques to improve search engine ranking, which will be very helpful to take the SEO to the next level.


Few WordPress SEO Techniques to Improve Search Engine Ranking


Here are several best WordPress SEO techniques to improve search engine ranking, which we include:



  1. Install a WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress has some quite wonderful, designed-in SEO functionality. But with using the SEO plugin, you can take search engine optimization to the next level. Yoast SEO Plugin is among the best SEO plugins on the market.


With this plugin, you can customize every page and post for your preferred keywords. It also provides an overview, which is based on the latest updates to the algorithm. You can also create an XML sitemap and add schema markup to your site.


To set up the SEO with Yoast plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard and then choose Plugins › Add New button. In the search bar, type in Yoast SEO, press Install Now.


After this, click the Activate button. The Yoast SEO plugin is now running on your website, and you will access it by clicking the Yoast SEO icon on the left-hand menu.


  1. Do keyword research

Selecting to do keyword research will create or break your WordPress SEO process. Doing research on keywords will enable you to:


  • Make content that your visitors are actually looking for.
  • Developing a deeper understanding of what the market requires.
  • Monitor the success of everything you write.
  • Produce valuable traffic for your website.



There are a lot of tools, which will help you with your keyword research. Many of the top tools involve KWFinder, SEMRush, and Google Keyword Planner.


  1. Adjust permalink format

When you first install WordPress, your website posts and pages will have a weird default WordPress URL format. This default format is not ideal for your SEO.


One of the best SEO-Friendly URL permalink formats is the post name setting. By changing to this setting, you will be able to add your blog post or page title as well as a keyword in your URL. To adjust this setting, go to Settings › Permalinks.


  1. Adding your site to the Google search console

Utilizing Google Search Console will demonstrate to you how your site is performing properly in search engines and inform you of any errors which can impact your search engine ranking.


To add your website, start using the Google Search Console and enter your domain or URL prefix. Next, click to proceed.


If you reach your domain or subdomain, you’ll have to verify it on your web hosting service. Just follow the directions and click the Verify button.


  1. Integrate Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a further Google application that you really want in your collection. This application will demonstrate to you how well your WordPress SEO plan is working by providing you an in-depth breakdown of your website’s traffic.


To create an account, go to the Google Analytics homepage and create an account. Next, you will need to find your tracking code. This must be done under the Tracking Information › Tracking Code.


  1. Submit a sitemap

Sitemaps can be used through search engines to better crawl your website. Although search engines can still crawl your website without a sitemap, creating it lets you report the data, which you want the search engines to crawl.


The perfect way to make sure such pages which don’t lead to your rankings are not crawled, and also giving preference to your more important pages. If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, then you can build and submit a sitemap easily.


Go to SEO› General› Features. And then, scroll down and enable XML Sitemaps.


Click the link which says See XML Sitemap, and it will open your sitemap to make sure it is actually generated.


Now we will submit the sitemap to Google. Go to the Google Search Console dashboard and click Sitemaps.


On the right-hand side, you’ll see the option to Add/ Test Sitemap. Click the option, input the URL of your sitemap, and click the Submit button. Now, Google will crawl your sitemap on a daily basis that can help for fast post indexing.


Some Key Takeaways

SEO includes a wide variety of techniques and strategies so that it can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, you don’t have to become an SEO expert to make your site rank higher in search engine results pages.


In this article, there are many best WordPress SEO techniques to improve search engine ranking, which will be very helpful to take the search engine to the next level.


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