According to Cheap Handyman Dubai no need for daily chemical testing. Unless you’re really bored or just trying to understand pool maintenance? Colorful test tube kits are cheaper (around 5 euros) and, of course, digital test kits are more accurate. But it costs around € 60. Chlorine levels should be about 1-3 ppm (parts per million); The pH is 7.0 – 7.8, with 7.2 generally considered better.

Weekly (or as needed) in this order

1. The Cheap Handyman Dubai checks the filter in the pump body. Separate and clean if necessary.
2. Empty the floor and sides. Even the side brushes are easy. If there are shoes, that would be great.
3. Back Washing & Washing Although the pool is rarely used, the amount of level 1 alterations contained in the pool is not affected by inactivation. (This is worse because no one cares about removing it unless they intend to use it.)

Although sunscreens, etc., are badly used, it is still good to have a regular routine. Like washing and washing every Sunday. And don’t forget when you have done this in the past, stop every part of the process when the water in the glass sees it. Clean (usually on many valves)

4. Check the filter in the pump again. Clean if necessary
5. Replace the water you just pumped between the wash and the washbasin!
6. Use the Bag Filter System to replace the bag and/or clean it. Is it a hose or a 40-degree industrial quick wash?
7. Check the chemicals and add chlorine, pH +, or pH accordingly.

General items –

1. The pump must have a timer on the control panel. Use it A safe bet is to have the pump activated for about 12 hours a day, but again, different groups have different requirements. There are many equations that Handyman Home Services use to calculate the hours required – the simplest three values ​​of water temperature. Others (in Centigrade grade) are more complex and unnecessary, I think 12 hours will do the most viola. However, some parts may take longer.

2. Assume there is no automatic dispenser. Remember that all chemical clearance will be in the pedal. Do not throw chlorine tablets in the pool or pH – they are very acidic.
3. It is important to maintain proper levels of germs (eg chlorine). Even if you only use one, what about temporary alien rodents? Peaks and peaks The small amount of urine in the pool can also be the cause of wild disease. You typed “pass” correctly – I checked.

4. Empty the pool – Install the hose vertically until the air is exhausted. It can be attached to the ballpoint on the side of the pool or to the scammer (if you have more than one pedal, one should be plugged in) the ball valve can only be opened if the appropriate bolt point is is used.

5. Continuous consumption of high levels of chlorine or extreme shock. Damage to the layer not only removes the paint but also damages it.
6. Cheap Handyman Dubai company said to avoid cheap chemicals from supermarkets or craft stores. The results are uncertain and the chlorine tablets do not last long. Quality chlorine tablets should last approximately one week and provide continuous chlorine readings when testing the water.

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