Carbide Drill Bit, Drills are the essential item in any tool kit. Because these drills keep their cutting edge hardness at high machining temperatures generated by fast cutting speeds. They are more efficient and cost-effective than high-speed tools.

First, we want to understand how drill bits are built. Many drill bits are developed of a metal alloy as an alternative than a single element. In addition, some drill bits have a second material coating to make them stronger.

Carbide Button Bit

Tungsten Carbide

Carbide Button Bit

Tungsten Carbide Products, Tungsten Carbide is secondary only to industrial diamonds in terms of hardness. Moreover, it has been tested to outlast most metals. Soit’s no wonder that it’s now the most popular method for extending the life and improving the performance of agricultural wear parts.

Tapered Drill Bit

Tapered Drill Bit

Tapered Drill Bit, Tapered bits were design and manufacture to operate with brass cut-thread screws. These were once the most popular fasteners for wood furniture, but they are now almost exclusively use for metal structures.

Because many of these before screws had been thread on a hand lathe, the last end result was once typically a tapered screw. Therefore, a tapered bit used to be the most logical desire.

Self-drilling Anchor Drill Bit System

Anchor Drill Bit

Anchor Drill Bit, Self-drilling anchoring is the latest anchoring technology that can alter several geological conditions and constructive environments. This anchor system performs grouting, drilling, and anchoring in one operation. It has benefits, which have been broadly use in hydropower stations, slopes, railways, tunnels, etc.

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