Packaging tape is essential for any household or business. Whether you’re packaging up a box for shipping or sealing a bag of chips, packaging tape is a must-have.

There are a few different types of packaging tape, but the most common is clear tape. This type of tape is great for general packaging and labeling. It’s also easy to see through, so you can quickly check to see if your package is secure. The most effective clear packaging tape is the one with a natural rubber solvent adhesive. You can find this type of packaging tape in Australia at the CPH Group. The clear packaging tape in Australia is highly popular and is of premium quality. Be sure to stock up so you’re never caught without this essential tool.

Our packaging tape is:

  •  premium quality
  • natural rubber solvent adhesive
  • highly popular
  • 48mm x 75 mm

The CPH Group understands that the quality of the finished product is what matters most in a company. For this reason, we have taken great care to find the best items for your company from all around the world. We exceed your expectations by supplying premium packaging tapes at competitive prices, while maintaining our superior customer service charter at all times!

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