Car maintenance may be intimidating at first, but start simple and work your way up the car repair ladder. Here are some car repair and maintenance activities that you may perform on your own. But beware and be practical about your car’s condition. If it is beyond repair, you should get rid of it by allocating it to Truck Wreckers Auckland. The reason for recommending Truck Wreckers is simple: they are the best in the business and offers you cash amount that you have never imagined.

Let’s arrive at the tasks.

  •       Your PCV Valve Should Be Shaken

This may appear complex, but it is not. If your vehicle has a PCV valve (some late-model vehicles do not), remove it every other oil change. In most situations, the valve is situated on top of the engine and is connected to a vacuum pipe. Some late-model vehicles lack PCV valves, so don’t get too worked up over it. Eliminate the vacuum hose from the valve and unscrew it. Then run the world’s simplest diagnostic test: Shake things up. It’s fine if it produces a metallic clicking sound. Replace it if it makes no noise or sounds mushy. However, don’t replace it based solely on appearance—all used PCV valves appear dirty.

  •       Engine Air Filter Replacement

Replace your engine air filter after inspecting it. Remove the old filter by unscrewing or unclipping the air filter box retainers. Then, using a shop light held behind the filter, determine how much light passes through. Replace the filter if it blocks more than 50% of the light. If not, replace it, secure the air filter box cover, and continue driving.

  •       Gas Lifts

Why put your brain on the job when you can repair gas lift cylinders yourself? Simply purchase new lifters from any auto parts store. Then, have someone keep the hood or liftgate open while you disconnect and replace the worn lifts. Using a metric socket set, many styles easily unbolt. Others use a ball, and socket connection kept in place by a spring clip. Simply insert a small flat-bladed screwdriver between the spring clip and the cylinder to disengage it. Pull the cylinder away from the ball stud.

  •       Non-Headlight Bulbs Must Be Replaced

Simply remove the retaining screws and pry off the lens to access the burned-out license plate, side marker, and fog light bulbs. Pull the bulb entirely out of the socket. Take care of the new bulb with gloved hands or a paper towel to avoid skin oils accumulating on the thin glass, leading to premature bulb failure. Then, insert it into the socket until the bulb clicks into place. Replace the lens, and you’re finished.

  •       Replace That Damaged Antenna

It is simple to replace a fender mount antenna mast. Simply detach the remaining mast component and purchase a replacement mast from any auto parts store. Replacing a pillar mount antenna is more complicated, but it is still a do-it-yourself project. Disconnect your radio’s antenna cable and attach a thick string to the endpoint. Then unscrew the antennae mount from the pillar and remove the old antenna and string. Connect the new antenna cable to the string, then pull it back into the vehicle and connect it to your radio. Then, using the screws provided, mount the new antenna to the pillar.

  •       How to Fix Chipped Auto Paint

They’ll corrode and become a more significant problem if you don’t cover up paint chips with touch-up paint. The actual touch-up is simple. You have to go to any auto parts store and get touch-up paint, fine-tip paint applicators, and wax and grease remover. Allow the chip to dry after cleaning it with the wax and grease remover. Then, dab the applicator into the paint and dab it on the chip. If you put too much, the paint will drip. Allow it to dry completely before applying wax after 30 days.

  •       Change Your Cabin Air Filter

In the summer season, a clogged cabin air filter can harm your car’s blower motor and cause your air conditioner to operate longer and harder. Cabin air filters are simple to remove and change, and doing it yourself will save you roughly $30. It is one of at least 100 car maintenance activities that you can perform independently. Purchase a replacement cabin air filter from any car parts store and request that the cashier print out the installation instructions for you. Cabin air filters in late-model vehicles are typically found in the air ducts behind the glove box.

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