Zishta Cast Iron Cookware
Zishta-Cast Iron Cookware

For a good reason, cast iron cookware is one of the most loved cookware. This range of cookware is durable, chemical-free, versatile, and can last for generations if maintained appropriately, What makes cast iron cookware so special is that it can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, or over a campfire. Cast iron can retain heat beautifully, and this quality of cast iron makes it an ideal choice for all kinds of cooking. If you are confused about cast iron, then this blog aims at providing you with all the details related to cast iron cookware sets.

Advantages of Cast Iron:

Let us first understand the benefits of cast iron cookware:

  • Nonstick: Cast iron cookware sets have an excellent sheen to them – they are non-stick. In other words, this means that cooking can be done with less oil.
  • Chemical-Free: Another benefit of cast iron cookware is that they are chemical-free. Thus, they are a great alternative to non-stick pans as most comprise perfluorocarbons – a chemical linked to cancer, liver damage, developmental problems, and more.
  • Adds Iron to Your Food: One of the greatest cast iron cookware health benefits is adding iron to the food cooked in it. Many people suffer from iron deficiency and cooking in cast iron pans can help increase the iron content.
  • Easy to Clean: Cast iron utensils are easy to clean. They do not require soap and food lifts off the pan easily.
  • Use In Oven and On Stove and Oven: Cast iron cookware sets are dual purpose. One uses them on the stove, but they can also be used in the oven at any temperature.

The benefits of the cast iron properties are why most people opt for cast iron utensils.

Cast Iron Cookware in Indian Kitchens:

Zishta Traditional Cookware Store
Zishta Traditional Cookware Store

Cast iron cookware was always present in Indian kitchens in the form of kadais and tawas; however, once the lightweight and non-stick products arrived in the market, cast iron cookware started fading away from the Indian market as well as the Indian households. Currently, cast iron utensils are slowly returning to most Indian kitchens, as non-stick cookware raises health concerns and cannot perform multiple functions.

Recommendations for Cast Iron Utensils:

Zishta’s traditional cookware has become an integral part of almost every kitchen in India. Zishta delivers excellent quality and has also been a frontrunner for innovations for traditional utensils. If you are looking to purchase cast iron cookware, we recommend Zishta.

Following are a few recommendations of cast iron cookware from Zishta:

  • Cast Iron Kadai: The Kadai is great for preparing Asian delicacies. The cast iron Kadai’s sturdy base helps keep the pan in place on the stove and the dual handles enable easy maneuvering of the wok.
  • Cast Iron Tawa: Tawas are used for making rotis, parathas, dosas, uttapams, and so on – foods that need a shorter time to get done. Cast iron tawas distribute heat evenly and need a lot less oil. Any dish cooked on cast iron tawas tastes better and is healthier.
  • Cast Iron Kuzhi Paniyarakal (Paddu/Appe Tawa): The cast iron kuzhi paniyarakal from Zishta is perfect for preparing kuzhipaniyaram, paddu, and appe – minus the harmful chemicals in your kitchen.

Closing Thoughts

With proper maintenance and use, cast iron will be your go-to cooking, searing and baking tool for generations to come. The benefits of cast iron utensils are much better than the generic stainless steel and a far cry from the toxins associated with cooking on non-stick and Teflon pans. If you are looking to purchase cast iron cookware, just perform a quick search with the keywords “cast iron cookware online” and you will be directed to some of the best retailers of cast iron utensils.