As we already know people of India have an enormous obsession with tea. Throughout the year, people have been addicted to tea in nukkads (street side), and it has been a practice throughout the years. Sharing a beverage with your friend or colleagues is so common in India that it has almost become a part of the daily routine.
Chai-Vaai Cafe was not what Simran Gurnani had on her mind from the first day. It was the first setup she ever planned, and it would not be wrong to say that she has put her heart and soul to make this dream alive. Simran initially started the outlet at Madhya Pradesh but, now after seeing the impact, this project has made Chai-Vaai Cafe, successfully launched in Indore, Ambajogai, Lucknow, IchalKaranji, Sirohi, Ahmadabad, Patna, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Jalgaon, and Raipur. The sudden lockdown which occurred due to the pandemic Covid -19 has halted the process of many businesses all over India and this was no different. Starting from banks constantly asking for dues, and the renters making no compromise in the rent it was not a bed of rose for the mother of two kids, Simran Gurnani. She fought her battles strongly, giving a new life to her business along with her beloved daughter Diya Gurnani.

The Chai-Vaai Cafe is especially known for its mouthwatering dishes and affordability of those dishes. The main attraction is the menu which is also called Maa Menu, which contains several dishes. The Starting beverages like hot tea, coffee to snacks like pizza, burgers, pasta, lasagnas, Maggi, wraps, and much more. These dishes, apart from being delicious, are very budget-friendly so that people can afford them easily. One of the main reasons why people have always avoided going to cafes was because they were overly expensive. These problems would cease to exist as the food here starts from just sixty-five rupees. The timings of the café are also very convenient for the general crowd. You can drop in any time from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Mondays to Friday. However, the timings of Saturday and Sunday are a bit special and extend to 11 p.m. so that you have an assured good weekend.

Youngsters often face the timing issue as they are always busy and hurrying from one place to another. So one of the best qualities of this café is it would not let you wait for hours to come as the preparation time for each meal is hardly 8 to 12 min. The food is served so fresh and delicious that you will always want to have more of it. They take care of the hygiene as well so that every time you visit this café you can be tension-free and leave with a smile on your face. The team working in this café is efficient and has experience of almost 18 years in the hospitality department. The advancement in technology is required with the change in the pace of business, thus Chai-Vaai Cafe has adopted (SAAS) software as a service. Most importantly, this café treats all customers as their equal, thus the taste is standard and unchanged in every serving. The thick milkshake is another attraction for students; the taste of it lingers in your mouth for quite a good time. The team of Chai -Vaai Cafe is trained communicators and maintains a good relationship with their customers so that they feel comfortable and just as if they were at home. The design of the café is such that it attracts people from all age groups. Be it the teenagers, young adults, middle-aged or the experienced everyone can have a memorable time in the café. The amenities that this café provides are many like free Wi-Fi, a smoking zone, live music, and Parking.

All these attractions together have made the dream of Simran Gurnani successful, and the venture Chai- Vaai Cafe has been awarded the Best Emerging Café of the year 2021- Midrange. Several problems couldn’t stop Simran Gurnani from being a true entrepreneur. She overcame all her hurdles, and the contribution of the team behind Chai-Vaai Cafe should be applauded. The team played a significant role in planning and setting up the café once the lockdown was released, and within a small period, this café has managed to make a special place in the hearts of people. They sit here for long hours enjoying the food, and chatting about their day and return home with a broad smile on their face. Several plans of further extending the business are taking part in several cities, and Chai-Vaai Cafe would soon and become the favorite of people of all the generations with its motto “Food for every Mood”.