Costa Rica is one of these few countries that have carved out a niche for itself in ecotourism. Its unspoiled sea beaches, lagoons, rivers, forests, green canopy, and abundant nature will titillate your urban ethos as you embark on a journey. 

Surely, it is a journey that you will remember for a long time to come. It is a journey to nature, to the unspoiled beauty that god has bestowed to the environment around us that we have so painstakingly destroyed over the years. However, Costa Rica, especially places like Santa Teresa, can help you forget the misery that we have unleashed on the environment and upon ourselves. 

An Abundance Of Nature

Santa Teresa is a place that showcases the ensemble of Costa Rican beauty. Costa Rica is known for plenty of natural ambiance, national parks, islands, forest reserves, dead volcanoes, hot springs, biological reserves, natural thermal spa resorts, and more. People look for ocean view hotel costa Rica to savor the beauty of this ecotourism hub. Santa Teresa is one of the trending beaches in the country. It is situated on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, far away from city lights.

A Happening Beach Town

Santa Teresa is a beach town that is remote and boasts of a forest canopy, yet it is not dull. Indeed, it is exciting. Amidst the thunder of the waves and the canopy of the forest, you can get some hip restaurants and enjoy beach parties. Indeed, there is a growing population of young expatriates who make it feel like the next big thing.

The Perfect Accommodation

Needless to say, you can hardly enjoy the beauty of such a piece of nature if you don’t put it up at the right hotel or resort. With the lap of nature offering inexplicable warmth, it is time to get carried away in the warmth of hospitality in an ocean view hotel costa Rica. 

The first thing you need to look for is the neighborhood of your stay. A trove of palm trees lining the beaches, beaches that invite surfers from far and wide, lovely cafes, and yoga studios are some of the stuff that you would expect in a good hotel.

Close to Nature 

You can savor the fruit of ecotourism only when you put it up at a hotel that is close to nature. Truly, there is something special about accommodations that are surrounded by ample forest but offer the simmering beaches and the alluring waves as their neighborhood. They have a mesmerizing appeal. 

Sum Up

If you are looking to savor the taste of ecotourism in Costa Rica, you need to see that you choose an accommodation that complements your stay in every sense. An accommodation that boasts of the waves and the green canopy as its closest neighbor is certainly the best one to look for in an ecotourism hub.