Types of Chinese Food Boxes

Whether you’re ordering Chinese takeout for dinner or for a party, you will notice that many of these boxes feature a variety of attractive designs and colors. Using these types of boxes is a great way to ensure that your food will stay fresh and hot for a long time. These types of boxes are also easy to use. Unlike other containers, they are sturdy enough to accommodate your favorite dishes, including fresh produce and fried foods. They are also great for holding snacks and other small items.

Which material are used to made Chinese Food boxes

One of the most popular types of Chinese takeout boxes is the folded white cardboard box, which has appeared in a variety of movies, pop culture and modern art. These boxes are commonly used to pack leftovers, but can also be used as decorative pieces. Some of these boxes are even dishwasher safe.

Another type of Chinese takeout box is made from kraft paper, which is durable and resistant to moisture and air. The lid is covered in a wax coating, which makes the box easier to clean. There are also some boxes that are grease proof, making them ideal for storing and serving your favorite Chinese dishes.

Recyclable material

These Chinese food boxes have the benefit of being 100% recyclable. Besides being environmentally friendly, these boxes are also inexpensive to make and reuse. You can purchase them in all sizes and personalized shapes. These boxes are perfect for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other celebrations. Having your own custom box is a great way to add to your brand image.

Those looking for a unique way to promote their business will love the options that are available with Chinese food boxes. For instance, you can use a logo to increase brand exposure and sell your product at a fraction of the price. The box can be printed with a number of styling and branding options, including gold/silver foiling and raised ink.

Design of Chinese food boxes

The design of the folded white cardboard box is a universal symbol of Chinese food in America. It’s used by every neighborhood Chinese restaurant, and is seen in a variety of popular television shows, movies and pop culture. It is also used to package orders for delivery.

The box itself has been around for a long time. It was originally created as a way to transport oysters. In the early 1900s, an influx of Chinese immigrants in California led to the growth of the Chinese food industry. After World War II, a suburban migration saw the rise of takeout restaurants. Eventually, disposable containers were developed for the business. These containers were referred to as Chinese takeout containers, but they’re actually American inventions.


You may not have thought about it before, but the folded white cardboard box has a history that goes back much further. Its origins include a company called Fold-Pak. The company was involved with the production of Wilcox’s boxes, which were popular for Chinese takeout. An employee at the company added a pagoda to the side of the box, and wrote “Thank you” on the top.

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