Agriculture tires provide traction, maneuverability, and stability and are designed to handle heavy loads and rugged terrain. Your tractor tires must be in good operating condition to endure weather conditions and navigate the landscape. In Arkansas, Bobby Henard Tire Services offers new and used agriculture tires. Understanding what to look for in used Ag tires is essential.

  • Tire Wear  

Check the tires for bulging, defective valve stems, and tire pressure problems. Do not buy smooth, severely worn, or low tread tires. Worn and damaged tires lose traction, cause wheel slippage, and increase fuel consumption.

  • Tread Cuts

Tire tread comes into contact with the ground, provides traction, and disperses water and mud. If the tread is cut, ripped, or cut, it cannot do its job correctly. Ag tires are susceptible to cuts due to traveling over rough terrain, improper installation, and heavy loads. You should never buy a tire with cuts and damage on the sidewall.

  • Deformed Tire Sidewalls

The sidewall is susceptible to damage from impacts or improper inflation. Damaged and deformed tires are dangerous.

  • Damaged Tire Bead

Tire bead damage occurs when the tire is incorrectly mounted or dismantled. A tire with tire bead damage cannot be used since it can’t be mounted safely on the wheel’s rim.

  • Tire Cracks

Cracks on the tire’s sidewalls are a sign of weakness of the tire’s internal structure. The cracks occur due to excessive heat, age, storage, and improper use. If the tire has cracks, the tire can no longer support the weight of the equipment. Tire cracks often occur because of low inflation pressure and excessive heavy loads.

  •  Tire Lug Cuts

The lugs are part of the tread pattern and provide traction and grip. A cut at the base of the lugs signifies the tire is worn due to heavy weight.

You can avoid buying damaged tires by knowing what to look for, asking questions, and inspecting used tractor tires. Steer clear of tires with cracks, cuts, and deformities. Have the tires professionally installed to ensure the tires are correctly installed. It’s essential to choose the right Ag tires for your tractor. Bobby Henard Tire Service is a tractor tire service that provides tire rotation, repair, and installation and is the best place to buy quality used tires.