Who does not desire a packaging of their dreams for creating a brand image, giving presents to their loved ones or arranging party favors that amaze everyone with their designs and unique shapes?

It always has been a huge decision to choose from the best options available. So, why not go for custom Kraft boxes that provide freedom of decision for shapes, designs, sizes, and decorations which are proved to be helpful in getting the packaging according to the need of customers, not a bit more or less.

What Is Kraft And How These Boxes Are Made

Kraft is a paper that is created by kraft process. It uses soft wood as a raw material because of its long fibers that increase the strength of the paper.  Kraft process is different from the mechanical process in a sense that kraft process removes all of the lignin from the pulp unlike mechanical process. Greater amount of lignin makes a weak paper.

The wood is sent into the chipper which cut the wood logs into small chunks that are converted into the pulp via kraft process. The pulp is then sent to a paper machine, after removing all the water from the resulting paper substance that converts it into the paper.

Kraft boxes are made by this paper in any shape and size. The thickness of the box can be increased or decreased by layering according to the need of the customers that depends on the weight of the product it is destined to carry.

Benefits of Kraft Boxes

The manufacturing cost for Kraft packaging is less as compared to other packing materials available in the market due to the availability of the raw material. Raw material used in the process is the natural wood or recycled resources.

Its strength provides protection to the products as these boxes can bear hits and falls. Being water resistant it saves the product from moisture and other climatic conditions.

The surface of these boxes is printing compatible and can easily be customized in any shape and size with personalized colors and designs that enhance the appearance of the custom Kraft boxes. To make a successful packaging it is important to keep the audience in mind for which you are making a product in the first place. It helps you to choose the right packaging to grab attention of the customers.

Choosing the best company as your Kraft boxes vendor, that meets your needs is hard but not impossible. It is all about a little digging that will lead you to the right end of the tunnel. There are few points that need consideration before making any decision regarding making a big purchase and that are:

Get To Know

First is to recognize your own needs. What are you actually looking for is the question you have to answer at any cost. How much quantity of custom kraft boxes do you want? How and where will you keep the stuff? Without having enough understanding of your own needs you will never be able to get the right product.

Second is to get to know about your vendor a little. Before making any decision it is important to analyze the background of the organization. It will help you in having an idea about the reputation of a vendor and since when they are working in the field of Kraft packaging. Experience counts as a plus point in the favor of any organizations.

Check Reviews

Everything in today’s world is transparent. With active social media accounts, internet, and awareness in people, everything is honestly reviewed on the websites to help other people about the good and bad experiences with a particular company and their products. Real customers give honest reviews because they have spent their money and time on a particular product or with a specific company. It has been proved to be really helpful for the people who are new and have no or less knowledge about how a business runs and want to make a purchase in bulk to start Kraft packaging business.

Have The Right Product

Every company sells different range of packaging products and it is not necessary they deal with the product and type of material you are looking for. Go through the full catalog of the company or ask them about the specific details and product you want. Custom Kraft boxes vary in shape, size, design, and the grade of paper and thickness of boxes and to get the product of your choice it is necessary to check if the company sells that particular product and will do every type of customization for you like different printing, window cut styles, lamination and foiling etc.

Customer Satisfaction

Services like delivery, return policies, shipping, turnaround time, and damage return or refund matters a lot in Kraft packaging business when you are dealing in bulk. A company that is dedicated to its customers, provides customers support whenever needed. Feedback is necessary on behalf of the customers and the company both. It helps improve the services and overcome the shortcomings which otherwise would not even get noticed. The company that always welcomes positive and constructive feedback and tries to improve by sorting out the problem is the best. Designing and creating custom Kraft boxes requires a lot of patience and understanding, to get the instructions right and make Kraft boxes as asked by the customer.


It is an important factor to look for in a company that keeps the proceedings smooth, like taking orders, providing instant quotations, on-time delivery, and returns totally professional and in check. To save yourself from any kind of difficulty regarding un professionalism like delayed orders, faulty products, wrong details, and no customer support, beforehand research is important. It is better to keep a stock of custom boxes at hand if any delay from the company happens it can be recovered or handled on the spot. Kraft boxes comes in flat shape and can be stored easily for some time by taking less space and assembled when needed.

These basics are needed to be considered while looking for the best company for Kraft packaging in order to save yourself from unnecessary and wasted investment of your valuable time and expenses.