Unpacking an Apple product or Tiffany’s piece of jewellery comes to mind. The first thing that catches your eye is the packaging. Whether it’s the modern white box for the newest iPhone or the classic blue box with a foam insert, there’s something for everyone. A sturdy box is ideal for shipping delicate items, heavy electronics, and even as a present for someone special.

Collapsible Rigid Boxes are a common packaging choice for luxury brands. The basic skeleton of the box is formed by folding these sturdy paperboard boxes after they have been cut and scored to the required size. It is possible for brands to personalise these boxes and give them a luxurious feel by printing and wrapping them on the structure itself.

These four suggestions will help you make rigid boxes that serve a purpose while also looking good.

You’ll Save Money On Storage Space!

collapsible rigid boxes, by definition, cannot be flattened in order to preserve their rigidity and strong skeleton. Rigid boxes, on the other hand, can be flattened by using thinner material. These two-piece collapsible boxes are usually simple to assemble.

You can save money on storage costs or space without sacrificing the unboxing experience by using these collapsible rigid boxes.

Keep in mind that your customers will appreciate your collapsible rigid box features if you give them advice on how to store the packaging and how it can be reused.

Consider Ways To Protect Your Goods.

Delicate items or electronics should be packaged and delivered in a way that protects them from damage and breakage. You should use a break-proof seal to keep the products from falling out of the box, if you are using a separate base and lid.

Custom packaging inserts can also be used to keep your products from shifting around inside the box. Even with the inserts, the box should still be sealed with seals and stickers to be safe.

Magnetic lid boxes are an alternative. The box’s hinged lid is held shut by magnets adhered to the hinge. These magnets ensure that your rigid boxes are securely closed and that your customers get a premium unboxing experience.

Recycled Kraft Rigid Boxes

By encouraging the use of paper and kraft paper boxes, your brand can become an advocate for environmentally friendly packaging and green practises. Uncoated with finishes or lamination, Kraft rigid boxes are 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. The use of water-based or soy-based ink in addition to the use of kraft paper is recommended.

Moreover, Kraft boxes are more resistant to adverse climatic elements such as heat, moisture, and even shock. Despite the fact that brown kraft boxes don’t typically conjure images of luxury, minimalist designs and the right branding material can transform these boxes into premium packaging at a fraction of the cost. It is possible to give your packaging an elegant, minimal look by printing white ink on kraft paper. Here you can learn more about printing on kraft paper.

Full Customization Is Available

Even with a simple design and lamination, collapsible rigid boxes look great. There is no need for complex graphics on the box thanks to the use of durable material.

Some companies opt for boxes that are only Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale in one colour. Saving money by not embossing, foil stamping, or otherwise embellishing the product is a good thing. Then again, if your boxes do need some brightening up with patterns and bold colours, don’t be afraid.