It is important to know that there is a difference between Windows editions and Windows versions.

The Windows 11 editions are as follows:

Windows 11 Professional (Pro)

Windows 11 Home

Windows 11 Pro for Workstations

Windows 11 Education

Windows 11 Pro Education

Windows 11 Mixed Reality

Windows 11 Enterprise


Thus far, Windows 11 is only available in one retail version and it is 10.0.22000.

If we talk about it shortly, then the difference between editions is licensing and which features/functions are enabled/disabled.

Microsoft pointed out which features are available in both editions

Following are the features that are common in both editions of Microsoft OS.

Microsoft mentioned that you should check out some of the updated features that come with Windows 11 Home and Pro.

1- Microsoft Edge

The Microsft’s new and shiny internet browser which is faster , fun, and secure browser.

2- Microsoft Store

Microsoft has launched that app store with enhanced functionality and additional apps.

3- Snap Layouts

Organize your open windows so they fit perfectly into grids.

4- Desktops

For better organization, switch to a desktop.

5- Microsoft Teams

From your desktop, you can contact anyone

6- Touch, Pen, Voice experience

Your way is the best way to express yourself.

7- Widgets

Discover what matters to you – fast.

8- Gaming

Immerse yourself in incredible graphics.


Differences Between Windows 11 Pro and Home Edition

The only difference between Windows 11 Home and Pro that has been identified so far is the requirement for a Microsoft account and a stable internet connection during installation – both of which are not required to install Windows 11 Pro.

Despite this, many of the differences that distinguish Windows 11 Home from Windows 11 Pro are yet to be revealed.

Although this is the case, we can still extrapolate some differences based on Windows 10 versions. As with Windows 10, Windows 11 Pro is likely to offer additional security and business-specific features than its home edition.

When compared to Windows 11, Win 10 Pro offered BitLocker encryption and Windows Information Protection (WIP) that the Home version was unable to provide.

Windows 10 Pro is now more secure than Windows 10 Home due to these two features – and we expect Windows 11 to provide similar security benefits.

Additionally, Windows 11 Home will likely have limited functionality and features when it comes to business management and deployment software.

Microsoft store (for business) access, mobile device management, and Windows Update for business features are a few examples of what Pro gets in Windows 10, and nothing has been announced to suggest otherwise.


Summary Of Differences

Protection from cyberthreats using advanced technology. Built-in, regularly updated, and without additional charge. This is Windows Security features you’ll experience in Windows 11.

difference Between Windows 11 Pro and Home Edition

Feature Windows 11 Home Windows 11 Pro
BitLocker device encryption No Yes
Device encryption Yes Yes
Find my device Yes Yes
Firewall and network protection Yes Yes
Internet protection Yes Yes
Parental controls and protection Yes Yes
Secure boot Yes Yes
Windows Hello Yes Yes
Windows Information Protection (WIP) No Yes
Windows Security Yes Yes


Managing and Deploying Business Processes Features


Feature Windows 11 Home Windows 11 Pro
Assigned Access No Yes
Dynamic Provisioning No Yes
Enterprise State Roaming with Azure No Yes
Group Policy No Yes
Kiosk mode setup No Yes
Microsoft Store for Business No Yes
Mobile Device Management No Yes
Support for Active Directory No Yes
Support for Azure Active Directory No Yes
Windows Update for Business No Yes

What are the Best Devices/Laptops/Tabs to Run Windows 11?

If you are passionate to run, Either Windows 11 Pro or Home on laptop,Tab, Computer then you should read the guide. It’ll guide your way to track prime laptops to run Windows’ newly released operating system.

Which Windows Version To Choose?

When Windows 7 becomes available later in the year, which version should I purchase? This depends on your personal requirements.

Overall, I think we can all agree that Home offers many of the same features and functionality as Pro – making it a great choice for most consumers. In contrast, Windows 11 Pro might be the better choice for those looking for something more secure. 

Your only concern should be the additional price tag that comes with purchasing Pro. The price of Windows 11 Pro should be around $80 higher than the price of Windows 11 Home if Windows 11 follows the same pricing structure as Windows 10.