Choosing Right Cricket Equipment for Perfect Cricket playing is trouble for every trainee or premium player. Having perfect and different Cricket equipment makes playing more interesting and boosting. As it brings continuity and focusing power during playing Cricket.

Cricket is a vast game that involves Batting, Bowling and fielding, etc. To become a great Cricketer, every player is required to be sharpened and empowered with their moves and skilled with every different Cricket equipment.

Types Of Cricket Equipment

1. Cricket Bat

Every Cricketer wants to score more runs for their team to win. Also to win Best Batsman trophies and be known among the people. For this, they need the best Cricket Bat to better their batting skills and hits.

Vicky Cricket Bat

I. English Willow Cricket Bat

When your tier of playing level is at the Professional phase, you must buy an English willow Cricket Bat. It is because of their style, design, and quality.

Full Cane Handle, Black scale Rubber Grip, thin blades, Toe guard, and Grade 1 quality wood empower hits and moves ready Cricketer to perform as Top batsman in the Field.

II. Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

When you are entering into professional practice, you have to buy a Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat for durable and easy playing Cricket.

Their Black Spiral Rubber Grip for easy holding, Full cane handle to Balance, and Kashmir Grade 1 wood for a suitable leather ball make you ready to enter the professional game , championships, and teams.

III. Poplar willow Cricket Bat

Cricket is played for fun and relaxation. For this, people play Cricket in Gullies. It is ideal for them to buy a Poplar Willow Cricket Bat.

Having a toe guard to save from injuries, Octopus rubber to handle bats, and Grade A quality wood for premium playing make it durable and energetic to play with a Tennis Ball.

2. Leather Ball

Vicky Leather Ball

In India. People love to watch and play premium Cricket. In National or International Cricket matches, people have seen their ideal cricketers playing with Leather balls. It becomes exciting or necessary for the audience or other players to experience their playing with Leather Ball.

I. Red Leather Ball 

Professional Bowlers play with Red Leather Ball. As they are made from large thick leather whose inside is processed with first-quality gravel.

These Red Leather Balls are designed to meet the premium requirement of Bowlers to have style and standard in the field with bowling moves.

II. White Leather Ball 

If you are in the trainee phase to become a professional bowler, then you should buy Leather Cricket Ball. The Material of the Ball is alum-tanned Large thick leather so you can practice bowling for Long hours.

The Process of Making a White Leather Ball with the first granule of the inner side so that it is durable and efficient.

3. Cricket Shoes

Vicky Cricket Shoes

The identity of a Good Cricketer is to be specialized in every phase of playing whether Batting, bowling, and fielding. For this, they must have good speed, running, and balancing. diving and power skills with them. It is possible when they wear perfect Cricket Shoes.

The Identity of Perfect Cricket Shoes when the upper PU and outsole are in a single color of PVC. You can make the closure of your shoes with lacing. Transform features and feet and toe guards make it safer and best for you.

4. Cricket Tennis Balls

Vicky Cricket Tennis Balls

To become a professional bowler, you have to improve your bowling with Cricket Tennis Ball. As Every Beginning starts with easy and accurate. To set up gully Cricket, make your playing Boosting and fun with Cricket Tennis Ball.

I. Light Tennis Ball

Every Pro Bowler is not born, they are made with a Light tennis Ball practicing. These Balls are made from high-quality wool and polyester fiber. So that you can throw the ball easily and improve you’re throwing and catch which increases your focus. Due to its lightweight and long-lasting durability.

II. Heavy Tennis Ball

To improve the accuracy of Bowling, you should practice with a Cricket Tennis Ball Heavy. With the improved bowling abilities, you can stand in your Cricket Competition. Its heavy material of pure wool and polyester fiber make it suitable for long matches and availability in different single colors feel like pro or premium bowlers which boost our skills to make good bowling.

5. Cricket Wear Kit

Vicky Cricket Wear Kit

All-rounder Cricketers are not only ready with perfect Cricket equipment but with Cricket wear kits. To define their skill and passion for Cricket. So whether you are a professional player or trainee, you should have a Cricket wear kit.

Perfect Cricket wear kit is with T-shirt and lower whose fabric is polyester and has dry cell capacity. So that it is soft on the skin, free of movements and stitch with durable threads. You can play Cricket with focus and actively.

6. Helmets, Pads and Gloves

While batting, it is necessary to protect the head from short-pitched delivery. With a helmet, the Batsman is close to playing. It is known as Protective gear. As per the International Cricket Council, it is standard to wear a helmet by Batsman and wicket-keeper.

It is important in Batting with high hits and speed, you have to safeguard your legs and knees with Right pads to avoid serious injuries. While running and playing strokers, you must wear Batting pads to have complete protection.

Gloves are another gear to have good batting in the field. They are essential to every Batsman to have protection and relaxation on fingers and knuckles during the extreme phase of the game of scoring runs.


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