Summary: The healthcare staffing industry has a questionable future if you refuse to make the marketing changes that will allow you to stay in business. Why is it needed to make changes? Because, as a simple business rule of thumb if you continue to do business the way you are presently functioning, then you will be out of business in less than five years.

The nursing career is not your ordinary routine job. It requires combination of knowledge and skills. Moreover, a nurse must learn how to be systematic, adept at math, and precise at recalling scientific facts. They are also trained to be detail oriented. To be successful in the field, they need to combine medical skills with appropriate bedside manners.

Truly, nurse staffing involve a great deal of art and science. Nursing graduates should learn how to assimilate scientific lectures to bedside care. Nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs today. In terms to diversity of career options, it is second to none. There are dozens of other career specialization choices that a nurse can make, including Critical Care, Gastroenterology, HIV/AIDS, Psychiatry, Clinical Research, Trauma, Urology and more. Following are the types of nursing jobs that you may find interesting. Also see how each type differs and find out which one suits you the best.

Ambulatory Care Nurses

In medicine, the word ambulatory refers to patients who are able to move around. They are able to perform activities of daily living with or without assistance. Those who are stationed in ambulatory care facilities generally assist outpatients who ordinarily stay in the hospital for less than 24 hours. Ambulatory care nurses also provide an assortment of diagnostic and medical services. If working in an ambulatory care facility, expect the work to be fast paced. Those assigned in this department are adept in multitasking because they are always under time pressure.

Job Agency Nurses

Staffing agency are more productive in performing clerical duties can opt to work in nurse staffing agencies. They are responsible for recruitment and sign up assignments offered by the organization. They work as match makers. They are matching the nurses’ specialization and preferences with that of the institution or hospital needs.

Travel Nurses

For those who are adventurous, they can take up positions as travel nurses. They journey to different parts of the country. It is typically for 13-week assignments. Staffing agencies that specialize in travel nursing are only a few. This type of nursing job provides not only reasonable remuneration but also generous benefits package from employers. Benefits that are likely to cover are full medical and dental coverage, free housing and career advancement trainings.

Nurse Anesthetists

Nurse anesthetist is one of the top paid nursing careers today. This line of work pays more because it requires special training to work in critical care areas. They collaborate with the other medical team in administering anesthesia to the patients. This type of work is very dangerous and there are high-liabilities involved.

Pediatric Nurses

Pediatric nurses care for infants, toddlers, kids and teenagers under eighteen. This is a family-centered nursing specialization in which the nurses stay in close contact with the patient’s family. They train parents and primary caregivers on how to provide proper care for the child.

Geriatric Nurses

If there are nurses who care for children, there are those who care for the elderly. The one who is specializing in geriatrics must be very patient, compassionate and professional. Elderly people can be difficult to handle. As not to experience burn out, multitasking and regular reassessment of goals must be done by the nurse.

Registered Nurse, or RN

This is the highest level of care, and the highest level one can be licensed as a nurse. An RN can perform more advanced medical tasks and can more easily assess/diagnose a problem, still under a physician’s direction. For example, an RN could be the go-to resource for diabetes care. He is the next best person to have around for constant care after an actual physician. An RN can be staffed at any type of facility, possessing the training, knowledge, and ability to offer nearly any type of care or attention that would be needed of a nurse. They are usually the choice for staffing hospitals.

Certified Nursing Assistant, or CAN

This is basically non-skilled care. A CNA is trained to have general medical knowledge especially in case of emergency, but specializes in services like housework, meal preparation, companionship, and personal care. A CNA would best be staffed by a nursing facility or rehabilitation center as an assistant to a nurse, or a general assistant who can check on the patients frequently and attend to their needs that are less medical in nature.

How one can recruit the staffing nurses?

  • Should you use clinicians that have no experience in recruiting to hire your staff? I found that recruiting is a learned process and can be achieved. Clinicians have an advantage that they are familiar with terminology and the industry. This works to the advantage of medical staffing agencies.
  • We find that many medical staffing agencies are begun by clinicians. Those clinicians are at times wearing dual hats, both as marketers and recruiters. Experience as a clinician within the area you plan on recruiting is much more important than experience as a recruiter. It is easy to have a clinician that is a nurse, recruit a nurse to fill opposition and speak about hourly rates and expectations.
  • It is better to be direct and don’t fake nice, don’t fake honesty, the people you are dealing with are educated and can tell when you are only trying to recruit them as a warm body. They are aware how the industry is and if they have worked with agencies in the past understand the need you have to hire them. Clinicians are aware that you need them in order to thrive in your business.

How to communicate with medical professionals

The feedback loop needs to be such to decrease the noise associated with communications between departments. This is critical when a recruiter hires clinicians; the recruiter must at all times have an open communication between marketing and staffing to ensure accurate placement.

The placement can be hindered if marketing is pushing for a full time Ultrasound Tech, yet the recruiter is only hiring Nurses for ER. Smaller medical staffing agencies don’t usually encounter this problem until the firm grows to the point that the marketing and recruiting are separate. This is a problem, but a nice problem to have because it means that you have grown to a point that you need to separate your departments. This kind of growth marks a positive event for your company.

In the medical field, there are different types of nurses. The types mentioned about are just a couple. To get hired at any nursing position, one must complete the required nursing courses, graduate and take the licensure exam for nursing. Attending a good grounding school is important because this is where nurses are taught about the skills and knowledge needed to practice in the profession. It can check on the patients frequently and attend to their needs that are less medical in nature.

The agency can also offer these professionals to facilities, such as nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and clinics. A CNA can be a great assistant at a facility, while an LPN or RN can take on the nursing roles. The agency may also offer other specialties for facilities.