An increasing number of opportunities exist for churches in the digital age that previous generations could never have anticipated. Particularly, there are methods of church digital marketing services that are solely Internet-based, capable of generating a steady increase in conversions to your church.

Churches looking to attract new members must market their services. The United States has about 350,000 churches alone. Sadly, many of them are closing down as a result of not investing in innovative ways to increase membership, such as using best LED church signs for a church.

Using the Internet to grow your church is one of the best things you can do.

1. Create A Facebook Page

Despite the reticence of many churches to engage in social media marketing, there are more than one billion active Facebook users, making it hard to believe there’s a better platform to reach your target audience.

One of the nice things about Facebook is that it’s basically free. By joining, you can inform your church members about the work you do among their members. As you create content for your website there, you can easily share it there as well, increasing the chances of visitors finding your site even if they find it first on Facebook.

Your Facebook page gives you the opportunity to advertise your missions trips, events for the community, or to celebrate religious holidays. Never forget that you should go where the people are, and they will most certainly be online.

2. Provide Sermons As Audio Or Video Podcasts

Many people feel alienated from the rest of their peers when they cannot attend church on Sunday. Offer podcasts of your sermons so they can stay up-to-date.

It is not necessary to edit or record your podcasts professionally. Be sure to make your services & sermons as clear as possible, eliminating as much background noise as possible. If you want to increase your reach even further, you might consider distributing them through an online service like iTunes.

Consider starting a YouTube page and letting your parishioners record your services using video cameras or smartphones held steadily. Once you have uploaded the video, you can encourage folks to view it on YouTube.

3. Send Out A Newsletter Via Email

You should include email newsletters in your church growth marketing strategy for every member of the congregation, as well as anyone who might have signed up to receive the newsletter.

Your church will be at the top of their minds with this approach.

During your church newsletters, you are able to feature many of the aspects you think others will find interesting. A sermon summary may include examples of Biblical passages, or a copy of a sermon you gave recently, or it may include highlights from special services (such as Easter, Christmas, Ash Wednesday).

Having someone write and arrange the newsletters on your team will be beneficial, but you will need to allocate time and resources to it. A person who signs up to receive an emailed newsletter is keen on learning more about the organization behind it. You can also track how many people open your newsletter every week using analytics features on email marketing platforms, so you will always know how well you are doing.

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