Portillo is the oldest and probably the most prestigious ski resort in all of South America. Only 40 kilometers separate it from the base of Aconcagua, the highest peak in the southern hemisphere. In the heart of the Andes, at 2,850 meters above sea level, Portillo means “narrow passage” and was the main crossing point between Argentina and Chile, used first by mules and horses and then by the trans-Andean train, which crossed one of the most spectacular railway routes in the world. After the international route opened, the train was decommissioned in the 1970s, and this wonderful experience was lost along the way.

The region’s history is also marked by its famous winter resort for skiers and snowboarders. It was at Portillo Ski Resort that the famous Jean Claude Killy won his first gold medals at the 1966 World Ski Championships and where the world record of 200 km/h was broken on the Roca Jack ski slope.

As a ski resort, Portillo has gained fame for its excellent slopes, powder snow and ideal conditions for skiing and snowboarding. With an average of 7 meters of snow per season and a vertical drop of 812 meters, it has 12 lifts and 23 slopes, several of which are arranged in large basins with a large expanse of terrain, in addition to large and accessible piste ski areas.

Credit also goes to his school, which has had 4 Olympic champions as directors, as well as training several winning skiers, and everything revolves around the only accommodation in the area: the Gran Hotel Portillo. Year after year, it is visited by skiers who have adopted it as a winter retreat, the place of choice to meet their companions on the slopes, and which gives the resort a special seal.

Built at an altitude of 2,890 meters and opened in 1961, the hotel is located one kilometer from Chilean customs at the Los Libertadores pass and six kilometers from the Argentine border, where all the activities proposed by the winter resort are concentrated. The infrastructure was built for the 1966 FIS Ski World Championships in Portillo, the first ski tournament held south of the Equator.

In front of the hotel, at the base, is the El Inca lagoon, named after the Inca legend Illi Yunqui and his beloved, the lagoon transforms the already beautiful landscape into something unique, breathtaking and unforgettable for everyone who visits the Portillo Ski Resort.

Useful information for travelers

To get all the information on the status of the Portillo Ski Resort in real time, go to Portillo Ski Resort – Snow Report. Keeping up with the weather conditions is important in this region that usually experiences sudden changes in weather.

How to get there: The resort is located 164 km from the capital of Chile, take Route 5 towards the North and after 30 km, after the toll, you should take the detour to Route 57 towards Los Andes. From there, take the international road to the Portillo complex. From Argentina, you can get there through the city of Mendoza, taking the international road and passing Chilean customs you need to travel only 1 km more to get to Portillo.
The roads and trails are usually in very good condition. However, given the altitude and the weather conditions during the winter, the use of snow chains is mandatory for all vehicles in circulation.

Season: From approximately June to October.   .
August is ideal for ski addicts and in September the resort has excellent weather and the best snow quality of the season. Check the live webcams to see how conditions are at the ski resort, go to Portillo Ski Resort – Webcams.

Weather: Very pleasant winter days with sunshine and temperatures that do not fall below -5º Celsius. Check the latest weather forecasts at Portillo Ski Resort – Weather.

Activities: Skiing in its various forms and snowboarding.

Services: Hotel accommodation, restaurants, rental of sports equipment, ski and snowboard school, nursery, gym, heated swimming pool, various shows, disco, etc.